Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Mother Again!

So my mother has not let up. She has not given me any space and refuses to back off. I thought when I picked up the phone that one time that she would back off and she just won't do it. So tonight, dh takes the girls to his parents house because he has to leave at 5am for work tomorrow. His mom starts giving HIM the guilt trip because I don't want to talk with my mother. My sil says her mother has diareah of the mouth which she does. I have had to learn to tell her to stay out of it. So she is giving him hell because I do not want to talk to my mother.

He comes home and is all over me that I have to call her and be nice. Like hell I do. I picked up the phone and gave her hell. Are you happy now. Stop forcing a relationship where there is none. I told her to stop calling constantly I do not want to talk to her about it. If I did, I know how to call. She needed to back off and give me my space. I said don't call the inlaws because then they come down on us and you know what I really don't appreciate that right now. You have no idea what is going on and neither do they. All you need to know is that I am ok and my drs say I am ok. Kirsten liked her birthday present, it fits and she says thank you. Now give me my space and STOP calling. I also told her to stop telling everyone that I needed to see a psychiatrist. She said well I thought you should talk with someone to deal with your pain. I said you have NO idea what you are talking about it and need to leave it alone. Now I have to go . Goodbye.

Everybody happy now? That's my mother, she has to push it until you push back. Now she is going to run to all her little friends and tell them how mean I was to her. If she had checked it wasn't a personal thing against her. I havn't talked to anyone and don't want to. Let me deal with it on my own. Geez. I am surprised that I am taking it as well as I am. I mean I thought I was doing pretty good. Now if she could just leave me alone. She is adding so much more incredible stress. I wish that I had never told her I was pregnant. Then she wouldn't know and wouldn't be bugging the hell out of me right now. I think when I do get pregnant again, I won't tell her until at least 20 weeks. Quite frankly there probably won't be a lot of people that will know. Just don't want to broadcast it because what if the same thing happens again? I can deal with that twice with everyone knowning. KWIM. ACK.

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