Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 dpo afternoon

SO I get home and immediately go check my test. OMG OMG OMG, there is a faint second as thick colored line on it!!!!!!! I can't actually use it because it was past the 10 minute time line. So I will test again tomorrow. Heck I'll be testing each day till my first appt! I figure if I am, AF will be due 3/23. So I figure I would call on Tuesday to make the first appt again. I would call on Monday, but I want to call on Tuesday morning when my ob works so the secretary can tell him. Mondays are all day surgery days. Sometimes he checks into the office and sometimes he doesn't. I figure since EVERYONE in the office knew last time I miscarried, that EVERYONE can know when I get a positive this time. I'm skipping my antibiotic tonight cause it turns my pee flourescent yellow and hard to see a faint line as it dyes the test too. I am only skipping my late night dose folks and I am on the highest dose so I don't think taking the one pill late will kill me.

Other news. I was really thrilled with dinner tonight and thinking yum. Cubesteaks with mashed potatoes and gravy. Till I ate it. Blahhhhhhh. Yuckkkkkkkk. Now I wish I hadn't eaten it. I have heartburn and a queasy feeling. In addition, I am getting the worst after taste in my mouth. Not exactly metal. Definitely had that nasty taste last time. Also, my asthma has kicked in. The only time my asthma acts up is when I am sick (cold, bronchitis, URI, etc) or when I am pregnant in the first trimester. My inhaler, I rarely use when not sick. I am not sick, but have been sucking on my inhaler today. If this keeps up, I will be hitting the xopenex by nebulizer. Take the inhaler, 15 minutes later I am fine. I don't mind the queasiness. It reminds me that things are ok. I hope I don't barf on Easter Sunday though. Wouldn't you think my body would be used to it by now???

Still no spotting. This is good. This is the longest I have gone with no spotting since the d&c. It further supports my theory that my ole cervix is sealed up. I am exhausted. I need a nap.

So can anyone give me advice on how not to drive everyone I know crazy when I do get the BFP. My ob, poor man, has been warned. I sent him a thank you card and told him in it, that I know he said not to worry, but I will and can't help it. But at least he is letting me come in for extra heartbeat checks and stuff if I need too. I will try not to drive us both crazy. I have thought about buying a doppler off ebay. However, I am of the fluffy sort. The placentas have ALWAYS implanted anteriorly with me. So the heartbeat is never heard by doppler until 15+ weeks. Well that point, I would be feeling flutters and movement. So it probably wouldn't be worth it. I wish I was like Tom Cruise and go buy my own US machine. I totally don't find any fault with that. If I had the money. I would be buying me one too.

Where are my digital pregnancy tests at???? Ebay needs to hurry up!

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