Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

So I am waiting. Did I ovulate? Could it have happened? I am having some wierd symptoms. Wierd pains in my abdomen. Then even worse is slightly sore boobs. The only time I have ever had sore boobs is when I was pregnant. No nausea or anything yet. I am tired but not exhausted. Course that could still be part of the physical recovering that I am going through and from losing so much blood last weekend. I am perplexed by sore boobs. I had sore boobs before a positive test last time, but it was like at 9-10 dpo. I wonder if me just being pregnant and your body recognizes it right away and therefore symptoms start back up quicker. I know HCG isn't made till 5-7 dpo, but I had symptoms at 6 dpo last time as well.

I remember when I was pregnant with Kirsten. I was in the 2 week wait. I was complaining that I had been exhausted and going to bed pretty much when I got home. I had been doing this for the last week. A friend that was a nurse said I think you are pregnant. I said NAHHHH. I thought it really couldn't happen the first time right. Sure enough she was right and a few days later I tested positive on the test.

So I have some sore boobs. I am trying really really hard not to get my hopes up. I just don't want my hopes dashed. This would be fabulous and I pray that it worked. I would love to call my ob's office and say preggo girl.

Or maybe it is all in my head.

We have decided to go and see Horton hears a Whoo this weekend. Oh and my coworker is finally gone. YEAHHHHHH!

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