Friday, March 21, 2008

I think my body has been overtaken by aliens

I have no idea what is going on. One minute AF feels like it is coming full force. Then I get hit by a wave of quesiness. I am in limbo land. AF should either show her face or I should get a BFP immediately.

So I did some sluething just now. I found the company that sold me ovulation and pregnancy tests back in November through my feedback on ebay. They have a whole ebay store, just no auctions going on. So I was right, the tests did test at 10mIU/ml and they were from the UK. So if that is really true, the earliest I can expect a bfp would be tomorrow.

Not holding any hopes here anymore. I would love one, but I am tired of getting disappointed. So today I had a pop tart, dr pepper and then white cheddar popcorn (don't even say anything about my diet at this point!).

I had the biggest wave of quesiness hit me right before eating popcorn!! That's why I am confused. Feels like AF and then get quesiness. Silly body. Now I am gassy. I still run to the bathroom expecting af any second.

So I guess eventually I will know. I have waited 12 days, what's a few more.

Oh and if I am not this month, I am buying those UK tests again. They are much better than the crappy duds I bought this past time.

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