Thursday, March 6, 2008

When will this bleeding ever stop???

Ok, I have about had it with the bleeding. Today marks 14 days and it has been heavy. I'm done, now GO AWAY. Grrrrr. Today I went into work. It was a bit easier today. Not very many people talked to me and I guess that is because they don't know what to say. When I left I had some welling with tears but did not bawl like I had previously. I guess I am getting better in that respect.

I set up Kirsten's birthday party today while I was at work. We are of course doing Hannah Montana. I got HM lip gloss rings at walmart, stickers, tatoos, invitations, table cover, centerpiecer, etc. I also got shiny belt buckles on clearance for a $ a piece. I also went to the $ store and I found HM lip gloss and HM candy suckers. So the loot is done. Just have to get bags for them. Will probably go back and get those at the $ store. I was tempted to buy the stuff for the girls easter baskets but they were with me. I found Sara the cutest mickey mouse bag. I got them washable markers. I LOVE the $ store!!!! Oh and all the pregnancy tests that they had on the shelf, which were four. Yippee. Her party is going to be a local restaraunt, bar, game room. We ordered pizza and wings and will have cake and ice cream too. There were already 2 other parties scheduled that day, so we squeezed in from 4-6.

Tomorrow Kirsten has her test at the children's hospital. She is having some bad gi issues. Tomorrow she has to have a barium enema xray. She is so not going to like that and I am probably going to cry with her!!! Dh will be coming along.

Tomorrow I am working from home so no office for me. YEAHHHHHHHH!

Tonight I sent the Nurse Manager of OB an email about my experience with the miscarriage. I had two wonderful nurses caring for me, a great transporter, and OR staff. I did tell her about the experience with the one nurse that offered me the study on recurrent miscarriages and referred to my baby as an embryo. I know that she thought she was trying to help but at the time I couldn't understand how I would qualify for a recurrent miscarriage when this was my first one! In addition, I had already been doing aspirin therapy. She referred to my baby as an EMBRYO. I told the nurse manager that I am sure she was trying to help, but it actually hurt the situation. I told her about how hurt I was when this nurse referred to my 13 week gestation baby as an embryo. Especially when I had seen a fully formed baby on a 50 inch screen at the peri's office that was still. I told her that I hope that ALL the nurses from now on, no matter what the gestation, would refer to the babies as babies.

I do intend to send the two nurses that took care of me a thank you card.

Now if I get this bleeding to stop we can get the show on the road.

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