Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cranky Cranky Cranky

OMG I AM SO CRANKY. I really just want to throttle someone. Kirsten is driving me crazy. Why is it whenever we go to ANY store it is I want I want I want Mom can I have. Even if I say, Kirsten, do not ask me for anything. She STILL does it and it pisses me off. So I have decided and I told her she will no longer be going to the store with me period because I can't STAND it. It may be because I woke up cranky. Yesterday dh said I was cranky. He said he hates the first few months of pregnancy because I am very cranky. I see that happening now.

Peeing. I am peeing every 15 minutes. Which would be fine except we live in a home that is very typical of where I live, one bathroom and it is upstairs! I do have a very pretty color pee from the macrobid right now, lol.

Having wierd aches and pain right now. It is driving me crazy.

Slight nausea this morning, but eating helped and it could be from the macrobid.

My boobs were definitely sore and sensitive this morning. It woke me up. I have filled out the new bras I bought when pregnant again. I keep looking for blue veins, but I remember those kind of popped out at 11 dpo when I got the positive and was like OMG look at these veins. This is NOT my imagination. Hmmmmm.

My endo pain has not hit yet. I am waiting for it though. If I am not pregnant, my endo pain will be hitting about midweek.

I was thinking if I am pregnant, it will make Easter lunch much better for me. We are going with the inlaws to a country club for brunch. They are treating. Reminds me of at Christmas when I was pregnant and they didn't know. I have not decided when I would tell them. We may tell them early and not anyone cause if I do miscarry again, we would need them to watch the girls. I hate that they all worry about me right now.

Oh and did I mention that when I described what happened after the d&c with the bleeding and the enormous clot he made a face and said oh that must have hurt?? Umm ya think. Dude, should have given me more pain med for that. It was seriously like giving birth. Well he told me it would be bad. Geeez.

The boob thing is getting me. It is always the first sign. In addition to the being tired and peeing. I have been exhausted.

Work would find out after my first appt. I would just bring in a note to immediately start working from home. I know my doc said that it didn't cause the miscarriage. However, I commute two hours a day. Pregnancy is hard enough. With that commute, let me work from home at least one day so I can rest.

I keep taking opks and these babies are negative. So I really think I did "O" that day.

That rule about "o"ing 14 days after miscarriage and d&c is true. Several of the ladies that miscarried after me or the same time are "o" ing. We are hoping for a great big wave of BFP for everyone.

I figured if I did get pregnant, I would be due Dec 1st. However, with my history, would probably deliver around Halloween! A halloween baby how cute. That means dh would take the girls Trick or Treating.

If I am NOT pregnant, I am going to look like such an idiot for thinking all of these signs are it. Keep fingers crossed. Tomorrow is 8 dpo. I will test again. Can't help it and I know it is too early.

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