Monday, March 17, 2008

I have blue veins

and NO I am NOT imagining it. They are EVERYWHERE. Most prominently on my boobs. Oh and the boobs are starting to feel as big as a porn star. I realized tonight that after the miscarriage that they shrunk. I was left over with lots of stretch marked skin. Tonight, that stretchmarked skin is FILLED IN. It just has to be.

Wouldn't it be a miracle if I got pregnant fast? I am really trying hard not to get my hopes up and get crushed.

I was queasy all day. I tried to attribute it to my antibiotic till I read it was for people who could not tolerate other antibiotics due to nausea. OMG. I wasn't queasy Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Well a tad bit Sunday night but not much. I ordered a burger and fries from Wendy's and that was it for me. I didn't get past the fries. I am now thinking the burger looks decent after 3 hours.

The girls on my ttc after a loss messageboard are all in a frenzy. There are several of us in the 2 ww convinced hoping that this is it. I have gone overboard and bought 10 more pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store. I'm a nut.

Keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow is 9dpo. The earliest I ever got a positive was 11 dpo with Peyton.

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Nurse Lochia said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you that you'll have two lines.