Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Now I feel bad

Well I had a post yesterday about people who get pregnant intentionally and with no insurance, money, leave, etc. One of the girls that has recently became pregnant is miscarrying. I am so sad for her because this is her 3rd miscarriage and her last one happened the exact same way. I feel bad to. I wanted her to have a a healthy and nine months. I just couldn't understand how if you have no insurance you would do this. So say a few prayers for her. Since she doesn't have insurance, she can't go and get testing and see the dr. She knows she is miscarrying because she had several BFP. Then she started bleeding. Now she has taken another test and it is a BFN. Probably a chemical pregnancy again. I sent her an email inviting her to a miscarriage board that has been awesome support for me.

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