Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ok, so I went and started doing some researching. Cause I got these odd symptoms and I am hoping and praying. The rational side says no way too early. The irrational side says it is very possible. Go back and look at your posts before. You were having symptoms at 5 dpo.

So I was thinking about it. I took a pregnancy test. It is a BFN. However, if you hold it to the light and angle it, there is a light light light light light line. Extremely faint and only a POAS aholic would see it. So I started thinking is there HCG in my system. NO. I tested many times last week and still have my dollar test from Friday that is a definite can't even hold it to the light negative. But I used a different test today. I used the early ones off Ebay.

So that sent me off on a quest. 1) how long does it take to fertilize an egg. Answer - 30 minutes for super sperm to 7 days. 2) What does cervical mucous like after ovulation. Answer - becomes sticky and dries up. Mine is going strong but changed from eggwhite to sticky and abundunt. 3) How long does it take to have the fertilized egg implant. Answer 6-12 days. 4) What are the sensitivities of my pregnancy tests. Answer - Dollar store is 25, Ebay is 20. The directions state that it is designed to test for early pregnancy anywhere from 5-15 days after egg fertilization. HMMMMM

Today very light spotting that could be mistaken as implantation bleeding. Symptoms - headachy, fuller boobs, blue veins (still unsure but I am pretty sure they went away after the d&c), tired, sensitive boobs.

So answers. Ovulated on Sunday. Egg was waiting cause I know when the egg released. DTD after egg released by a couple of hours. Egg fertilized right away cause I helped them by putting the pillow under my butt. Implantation today. My urine was extremely concentrated this morning too.

My mind is working overtime. I think I may cry if it is true. I have decided to go and test every single day now to see if there is a line. If it doesn't work, well I'll just go buy more on Ebay. If it does, I have a digital I am bidding on on Ebay. If it did work, I'll call my ob's office on the 24th. HOLY COW. Keep your fingers crossed.

Course if this didn't work, I have just made a big ass out of myself.

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