Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter and Sad

I had hoped hoped hoped I would be pregnant again fast, but that did not happen. Definitely a BFN this morning on dollar store and ebay tests. Those ebay tests that I got this time SUCKED. So glad I bought new ones from that reliable company that worked before. Plus they detect at a lower level.

I'm sad because it is Easter and I was supposed to be 17/18 weeks pregnant. I was supposed to be in the fun of the second trimester and it was ALL stolen from me. We just want ONE more healthy baby. That's it. Then I will never have to worry about this again.

I know that I probably had NO uterine lining, so it is really good to wait a cycle. I can tell because there is lots of cramping and endo pain with this af but very little bleeding. I guess that's something. The extra time on the low dose aspirin will help as well as my ob wanted me back on it asap. I realized if I get pregnant on this next cycle, the dates work out really well for me. At 14 weeks, I would be at the end of June and could get checked before our vacation. Dh is going away for camp this summer for work. I would be 16-20 weeks while he was gone. Which would be before I would be put on full time bedrest. I expect to be on full time bedrest by 24 weeks. A BFP would be around my birthday. Baby would be due 12/26 if it works. I don't really like the month of November anyway and think December would be good. There would be better tv on in the fall anyway, lol. I was bored silly when on bedrest with Sara as there was no tv and I did not get to enjoy my summer. At least this way there will be a summer.

The girls love their easter baskets. Sara got a tiara and dressup shoes with a wand and she LOVES THEM. She is very girly and prissy. Kirsten got a big box of hair thingys that she is loving. Plus they got awesome baskets. Lord knows what the inlaws got them because we have Brunch with them later.

Happy Easter everyone.

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