Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm the mom of a NINE year old today!!

Today is my Kirsten's ninth birthday. I can't believe she is 9. It is so hard to believe that at this time 9 years ago, I was in the MICU on L&D because I was very very ill. I had tubes, wires, and ivs all over the place. I had a nurse that sat with me 24/7. Her only job was to watch me and make sure I didn't sieze. It was also about this time that the drs pulled my dh out of the room to talk to him. He came back in crying and begged me not to die. At the time I thought he was being overdramatic. I remember I told him as I struggled to get it out, I am NOT dying. I'm just really really sick. At that I turned over and puked again from the mag. My dh does not speak of the day Kirsten was born. I have asked many times over the years. He tells me it is over and done with now and go forward. I think for him, he just can't go back there. I have asked him many times what the drs told him before he came back in. He refuses to even discuss it and will either leave the room or change the subject. So it brings back bittersweet memories. Wonderful that we had a healthy newborn little girl, bad because I almost died.

So how is Kirsten today? Healthy pretty much. Very active and into everything. She's a normal 9 year old girl. Oh and she is still very much grounded because her rooms are not clean. We'll go out to dinner tonight and head over to Grandma's for her cake and presents. Outside of that, she is still cleaning that room. It has become a battle 0f the wills. Unfortunately for her, my will is stronger.

I'm still mad about that bill yesterday. I talked with a friend of mine who lost her baby at 16 weeks. She said well you could make a big stink about it and how it is not fair and be labeled that problem patient. However, do you like your ob? I said of course. She said pay the bill. She said she had the same problem. She said as much as it sucked, she realized that it was a small price to pay for an OB that would watch her and see her frequently. She said trust me with your history, you will more than get your money's worth at the beginning and end of pregnancy. I guess she is right. I can make a stink out of it, but what does that serve? There are not a lot of obs that do what mine does. I guess that is worth more than money. I still say it sucks big time.

Af is in the process of leaving and we are on to the countdown of the BIG O. I think it will be around 4/4. So I am going to see if the inlaws can take my girls so that NOTHING interferes with it, lol. Keep your fingers crossed. If it works, I'll be due 12/31.


Nurse Lochia said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you. I was due 12-30 with my last and it's not too bad being big and preggo in December. Plus, if your'e like me, you might deliver in time to be home by Christmas.

PE Mommy said...

Thank you. I figure it's a good month. With my history, I hope to even make to December, lol. I figure good tv will on too for bedrest and at least I'll get to enjoy the summer. :)

Amy said...

Wishing you much luck girl!