Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not sure what is up....

So yesterday I had awful endo pain and cramping. Late yesterday afternoon I started having light bleeding with dark red blood. Not bright red or anything. Just dark red/brownish blood. Since I was having such awful pain, I thought well I am out, af is here. This lasted until late last night. Today nothing. Tested with OPK and dollar store test, both are negative. So I am just going to keep testing each day with both and see what is happening.

Still tired. Still have sensitive and bigger bbs. I could not fit in my bra well that I wore two weeks ago. So back to the new bra. Nausea. Big time. But I think it is because I took a painkiller last night thinking it was over with and ok. Then I took my antibiotic. I was sick that I could not get off the couch last night for hours. I finally took one of the Reglan I had been prescribed in pregnancy. Now I do have a sensitive stomach with a pain killer but not THAT overwhelming. Same thing this morning. All of a sudden I was overcome with the nausea. But I took Reglan this morning too. I had the cramps and endo pain till this morning, but no more bleeding. So I took a painkiller this morning and then Reglan at the same time. A couple of hours later, was overcome with nausea. So I had a honeybun on my way out the door for an Easter egg hunt that the girls attended. So I don't know what to make of this. I have never ever had a 1 day af. A friend that is a nurse suggested that I bled out so much a couple of weeks ago that that may be all that was left. She said it was very possible to have a 1 day af. So I keep testing, eventually SOMETHING will happen.

My mom called again today. She sounded like she got choked up or either the phone cut off. She only has a cell now. She is driving me nuts. It's like she keeps pushing and pushing and it is all about her. I want to be left alone. She needs to stop pushing.I'll probably talk to her around Kirsten's birthday. It will be short and I am NOT going to discuss the MC with her.

So we went to the town easter egg hunt today. It's held in a local park and they do age groups for the eggs. Sara was in 0-4 and Kirsten was in 8-10. Sara WON the golden egg and got nifty prized. She got a 12 inch bunny and a basket filled with stuff almost bigger than her. It had a big jar of bubbles, playdoh, Ms. Potato Head, candy, a bendable guy, a stuffed bunny. She got so overwhelmed by all the people and stuff that she started wailing. Poor kid. They took her picture with the other kids that won prizes in the other age group. She'll probaby be in the paper on Monday. How exciting!!!!!!! She calmed down after I gave her a hershey kiss to eat.

Then they went to their grandparents to go to their Great Uncle's house to have another egg hunt with their cousins. We didn't go and took the day to ourselves with no kiddos.

Will test again tomorrow. 14 dpo tomorrow.

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