Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This morning I woke up queasy. Was queasy the whole way into work. I delayed taking the antibiotic to see if that was it. I don't think I can blame my antibiotic right now. I took it at 9pm last night and was queasy at 5am. That's 8 hours after I took it. Boobs were sore this morning and sensitive. Mainly on the top and sides. Still spotting. :( But that hasn't increased or anything so I refuse to worry about it at this point.

Since I was queasy, I decided I needed food and stopped by Mickey D's and got the deluxe breakfast and ate it all at 615 am. I never eat that early. It made me feel better. I'm pretty tired but not sleeping well. I am going to bed early enough but just not falling asleep. I tried taking unisom last night and could not get comfortable. Too hot, too restless, too tired.

Oh and you are wondering about my poas aholic addiction. Of course I peed on a test this morning. I left it on the counter and after 5 minutes there appears to be an extremely extremely extremely faint line. It's very early yet. I will check when I get home. I didn't have to hold it up to the light. I actually stood over it on the bathroom counter and went oh, that could possibly be. Today is 9dpo.

I really think I am preggo. If not I must be going nuts.

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