Friday, March 14, 2008

Post Appointment

I just hate that term. Post partum appt would be better. Well I had my post op appt today. Let me tell you how hard it was to go to that appointment. Well this is what happened:

Ugggh that was so freaking hard. Wouldn't you know I got to sit outside in the waiting room for 25 minutes with young pregnant teenaged girls with NO insurance. Plus another woman had her baby with her and was being annoying loud. The nurse called me back 10 minutes after waiting and then I had to go back to the waiting room because an exam room was not available. GRRRRRR. I was glad I brought contract with me to review so I had something to do. Then I heard my dr say no, bring her back. I'll take her last. Guess who was last. I guess that was because he wanted to spend time talking.

So there is nothing that came back from pathology. Baby was normal. Still don't know gender. Not sure why as he sent the baby to pathology. So most likely maternal infection was the cause. He told me don't beat myself up over it. He asked about the bleeding and I told him what happened. He said it sounded like that one large clot was clogging everything up and that's why it was pretty much over with with pain and bleeding when it passed.

Told him I didn't wait three months. OOOPs. Told him I ovulated on Sunday and he said ohhh maybe it worked. He was happy about that. I told him well I am not getting younger in age and do not need the additional risks of advanced maternal age hanging over my head. He told me it was just a number and I am worrying too much! I told him that I read you are really fertile afterwards. Well it was easy to concieve my kids. 2 times was a first try and Sara was a second try. I'll probably end up with twins.

He told me to go ahead and start low dose aspirin now. He started me on macrobid to get rid of this stinking kidney infection that has been here for 6 weeks. I am now on round three of antibiotics. He said it was a good antibiotics for kidneys because something about as it filters through the kidneys it wouldbe half antibiotic and half urine. He said this should take care of it and I am probably "used" to the augmentin he prescribed last time and it was resistant to Ampicillian that my pcp had prescribed. Call back in a week if it is not gone.

He is authorizing an early US at the hospital. If the midwife gives me a problem, tell her to discuss with him. It's ok to reassure me. He is authorizing me at 5 weeks to start work from home part time in an effort to prevent my bps from going up. But he told me do not think for one minute that me working too much caused this. It was just one of those things.

He is checking into the billing issue and make sure that I am not charged the extra copays. I told him I had talked with the billing clerk and she was not helpful. He said they have to charge for each office visit up to 4 visits.That was about it. He said I hope I see you back in here really really soon. I said me too. No twins. He laughed and said his neice is due with twins in June or July. I said well I havn't carried one past 36 weeks, so one is fine with me. He said well if you get twins that puts you in a totally different category. Let me guess immediate ship to the local children's hospital. I just need one good one that sticks. He laughed. I went up to the front and he brought me the rx and that was it.

He agreed to let me come in for extra heartbeat checks and he agreed to let me come in before peri appts for a heartbeat check. That way I don't have to do a 90 mile round trip just to get the news I got last time. He said no problem.

I am glad that he has agreed to everything that I wanted. He kind of hedged on the work at home thing, but I told him that my pressures had already started going up and I wanted to make sure that I prevent them from going up. I would rather prevent than react. He agreed with that. He just wanted to make sure that I was not blaming myself. Even though I know in my head and my heart it wasn't my fault. I can't help but let the irrational thoughts pop in that somehow I did this. If I hadn't of gotten the flu. If I hadn't of let a UTI become a raging kidney infection. I keep telling myself one step at a time and it was not my fault.

I left the appt sad today. Today would have been my 16 1/2 week appt. It would have been awful to find out at that appt. I am still feeling blue. I wonder if I really did ovulate and catch the egg. It seems everyone around me is getting BFP. I was so so badly for it to be me.

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