Saturday, March 8, 2008

WOW an Apology

Remember the email that I sent to the nurse manager of OB at my hospital that I talked about a few posts ago? Yesterday, she responded to say how sorry she was. That I should have asked for her because she had no idea I had been there. I had told her how wonderful my two nurses were that took care of me and the OR staff, anesthesiologist, transporter. I also told her about the nurse that pushed the recurrent miscarriage study on me and called my baby an embryo (um yeah not at 13 weeks, that isn't even a correct medical term). She said she would look into it and investigate it. Today I recieved this in the mail:

Dear Sabrina,
I am the nurse who approached you at probably the worst moments of your life. I am very sorry for the loss of your baby, It is never my intent to offend a mom at any time and you have my sincere apology for having offended you and for my insensitivity. Sometimes the clinical can be my fault. My heart aches for any loss of a baby and the sadness a mom and her family endures. Again, I am apologizing for my thoughtlessness and please accept my condolences for the loss of your baby. Nurse XXXXXXX

Wow. I am impressed that she sent me an apology. I am sure she didn't mean to hurt my feelings. I expressed that to the nurse manager. I just didn't want any other mom to have that happen to them. I kind of feel bad now because I worry that the nurse manager may have come down harder on her because she knew me versus a patient that she didn't know, kwim. Now, if I do have another baby at my hospital (if I don't get transferred to a hospital with a NICU first), I KNOW that they will remember me. Cause every nurse on the floor probably knows about this. I am impressed with how quickly this was acted upon. The Nurse Manager read my email at 10am. Then I had an apology in the mail by today. If I know the nurse manager, she is one of those people that are like oh hell no and takes action. She's kind of like me. I guess that why we have had some great talks. I was one of the reasons that she sought out my ob when she was pregnant she told me. She saw how he handled my care and she wanted that as well. I remember when she was pregnant and she told me she was going to be delivering at my hospital. I told her you are nuts I would not want any of my coworkers seeing my vajay jay. She laughed and she said oh my dear, I'm in charge. I MAKE THE SCHEDULE. LMAO off at that one. She is a nut. She went into labor and tried to finish a college paper before going to the hospital. Called the hospital and said I'm in labor. I' m coming in. She ended up with a csection. I would have been worried about everyone seeing me naked though!!

I still have to get some thank you cards for my ob, or staff, nurse anesthesiologist (dang I didn't get her name), the transporter and my ob nurses. I guess the OR staff, nurse anesthesist, and transporter will be sent to the CEO. They like to get things like that. I was impressed with how sensitive the transporter was. I mean that is not the most glamarous job at the hospital and what he said meant a lot to me. Poor guy. He had my paperwork so it was obvious what he was there for. Plus he discreetly waited outside the door while the nurse anesthesist went through her stuff. Him just saying he couldn't say or do anything for me but would give me the easiest and best ride down there meant absolutely the world to me.

As far as physical recovery, I had very very very heavy bleeding today. Literally changing every half hour. I had to do some grocery shopping so I went to Super Walmart today. In the middle of it, I thought un oh. I felt gushes and clots. I quickly finished and went home. Went straight to the bathroom and passed a fist sized clot. OMG that hurt. A lot of blood. Tonight it has slowed down a lot. It is bright red bleeding like my ob said it would be. When he said the dam would burst, he was not kidding. So hopefully this is the end of it . On the other spectrum I took another pregnancy test and opk. Pregnancy test, NEGATIVE. WHOO HOO. OPK, looks like it may be a positive soon. Definitely a line there. I will test in a few hours to see. I am wondering how in the world could I be ovulating when I am still bleeding. If dh and I did dtd (while spotting) what would that mean. Would it mean I would bleed in the next pregnancy. Will the baby stick. I don't want to miss my chance, but I don't want to screw it up either. I hate this. I jsut want to be pregnant again. I guess if I am ovulating. That means AF should show up in 2 weeks. That would mean 3/24 -3/25 it would be due. A christmas baby, how wonderful!

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