Monday, March 24, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Ok, I am NEVER happy about AF showing up. I have been wondering all weekend is this really it??? Cause I just wasn't sure. By George, it is. It is DEFINITELY without a doubt AF. I guess there is something to be said about being as regular as a clock. Even when I had all my gyn issues. My ob would look at my charts and say, look here. Every month at the end of month is AF. We just got to fix all this other bleeding up. Which was nicely done on Prometrium and continuous bcp. So even though I am very sad AF showed her ugly face.

I can honestly go into a new pregnancy KNOWING that I had the one cycle everyone recommends, low dose aspirin to make my lining strong, and knowing where I stand. So YIPPEE. Now, AF stay away after this and give me a positive test, ok??

Onward with my poas addiction with opks. My super sensitive ones from my guy in England should be here this week. Looks like if I get pregnant this cycle (everyone hope and pray), I'll be looking at anything from a Turkey Day baby (36 weeks) to a Christmas baby.

I never thought I would want a baby at that time, but I don't really care now. I just want a baby. We pray everyday for a healthy pregnancy and baby. So onward we go.


tafkalorelei said...

Sorry AF showed, but glad that she's regular and hopefully you'll be pregnant soon. (((hugs)))

Sarah said...

Sabrina, Glad AF showed up but hope it's your last for 9 or 10 months :) I thought of you over the weekend and how you always talk about being a POAS addict, lol. My cousin (she's either 40 or 41 at least) was telling us how she found out she was pregnant. Her sister left a pregnancy test at her house and she just HAD to pee on it, never dreaming she could ever possibly be pregnant, and low and behold she was!! I just thought of you because of how she said she HAD to pee on the stick, lol.

Anyways, You've been tagged!