Thursday, August 9, 2007

Can't Sleep

It's almost 2am and I can not sleep. I took unisom and 10mg lortab which should have knocked me out and didn't. I saw the pa today for my knee. He examined it, gave me some exercises to work on to help the muscles around the kneecap to tighten up so it won't slip. He suspects the pain is being caused by my kneecap moving side to side. I also got my first cortisone shot too. How come they give numbing medicine but it doesn't work till you are done with the shot. OWWWWW. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Before we talked about the pain of it and he thoroughly explained it. He said you have been through much worse to be worried about this little shot. You have had two babies with complications and major knee surgery and you are worried about this. Nope, will be a piece of cake. It was. He told me it would feel great for a couple of hours because of the numbing med, but then it was going to hurt much worse for two days. He said it would be ok, and not to get worried and call him tomorrow and say G., what did you do to my need. Then he said by 7-10 days, I'll be golden. He said it should be ok for my business trip in 2 weeks.

Other news, my no fault insurer has demanded another IME with there nasty dr and the nasty dr office they do it in. I loathe this dr and if he was my personal doc I would sue his butt for malpractice. He caused intentional physical and emotional pain and distress by denying my medical care the last time they did this. I ended up going into debt over dr bills, had to get a loan to pay for it so we wouldn't go into collections because no one would pay for it (they were kind enough to send a letter to my health insurer that they were denying benefits for an accident related problem which led to my health insurer denying benefits saying no fault was responsible. It took months and an almost cancelled surgery to get it straightened out. Thank God I am a federal employee because they have to pay per federal contracts on health insurance. Then no fault paid anyway when the surgery was done. ASSHOLES).

My lawyer says I have to go so we can sue them for denial of medical benefits. But I don't want to. I see no point in me wasting my precious time, gas, and dignity for these jerks when I have no chance in hell of them helping me. They should have let my health insurance pay for it and let me take care of this in one day and sue their butts. The dr is an ass plain and simple. I will not let him disrespect me like he did the last time. I felt like trash when I saw him before. That will not happen again. I am going to have a very hard time keeping my mouth shut with him. Especially when he recognizes that he saw me at the Chiropractor IME exam and tried to examine me (I was still on crutches). My lawyer would not let him do it and told him to bug off. But my lawyer won't be there with me. To tell you the truth, he was a real ass to the dr the last time when he wouldn't leave me alone. I do plan on telling the IME dr whatever happened to do no harm to your patient??? Had he have done the RIGHT thing, the surgery would have been sooner and maybe less pain and damage. These people literally have a denial letter already prepared and dated and signed and simply drop it in the mail the day of your appt. I really have absolutely NO love for this man whatsoever and I hope there is a special place in hell for him. My lawyer says that drs that do this for insurance companies a) can't make it in private practice because of whatever reason (medical malpractice, personality problem, etc) or b) new. This guy fits in A. He is a small guy 5ft and had a God like personality, an ego a mile wide, is arrogant, and has a chip on his shoulder. I am not staying past 5pm either. The lawyer said no more than 1/2 an hour of waiting for this asshole. My lawyer says he is going to call me tomorrow to discuss it. He knows that I am very pissed off about this and that I am not happy. So he is trying to calm me down. No fault is very anxious to get this appt done so they can start denying claims. I really want to tell him when I see him, I'll see his butt in court and will take PLEASURE in seeing my lawyer rip him a new one with the improper exams that he has conducted on me and the damage that he personally caused because of his greed. At least there is a Starbucks across the street and at least I know that my insurance will cover it minus the copays which is better than what happened for months of no one getting paid the last time.

On other news for the ttc front, I have decided to stop the bcp and prometrium after my specialist visit on 10/5. I want to have at least one complete cycle in and know how it is working. I am going to ask my pcp to refill the lortab for it so that I won't be miserable and unable to do anything. I think with a good painkiller this time, I can get through it for one month.

Friday, August 3, 2007

So you are one of those are you????

I didn't expect to be back in my obgyn's office again until December, except again fate stepped in. As usual something needed to be checked out. I had a lap on 7/3 and have noticed since Day 2 a white unusually strong string. Was it a suture? Was it skin? So I of course tugged on it with tweezers. No dice. And it hurt. So then I tried cutting it, but was afraid of cutting myself. I tried pulling it and cutting it, it didn't. I hemmed and hawed about calling and everyone said CALL. So I broke down and did. Got the nurse that has been mean to me in the past. However she was extremely nice to me. Maybe I just need to pour on the honey more with her. She said dear you need to have Dr. E look at it. Uggggh.

So she got me in this afternoon. I worried about how he was going to get this suture out. The nurse came and got me and the promptly WEIGHED me. I was pretty unhappy about that. I thought they were just taking out a suture. Then the dreaded bp cuff came in with her! I really hate that cuff. Seeing I had just been running around my house like a crazy person looking for keys, I knew it would be a bit elevated. Hmmm, time for me to grab M from Dr. L's office to come and take my bp. She gets beautiful readings. She couldn't get a reading!!! She said you have the worst bp to hear. It is very faint. I said if you think it is faint now, you should been here when I was pregnant with S. But that's ok well have all kinds of fun with it in the fall when I get pregnant again. She looked at me and said "So you are one of those people are you?" I proudly said yes instead of being miserably ashamed of my bp. You see I didn't cause it to go up. I exercise. I am overweight but I had normal bp when I weighed 60lbs more. So weight is not the problem. I take my medicine every day. So YES, I am one of THOSE people. Fun we will have. She said oh really. I said yes. She said did you have problems when you were pregnant? Ummm yeah, you can say that, the nurses ran scared because of my bp. I wonder if they had anyone like me since, lol. I told her I had severe pe with the first and severe pih with the second. Oh. But we'll have fun! She mentioned that they had had several moms that had pe and pih that they just got delivered. She said they got them all delivered in the last week and said when all delivered safely that there was a collective WHEW from the staff. She eventually went out but said your bp is hard to hear it is so faint on the bottom number. I told her wait till I get pregnant, lol.

Then my ob came in and I could hear him reading my chart outside. Suture problem??? Hmmmm. He comes in and says my name. Asks how I am doing? I ask him how he is doing? He has me get up on the exam table and looks at my belly button incison. I say do you see it? He said yeah, it's a suture. I am going to pull on it and snip it out. Ummm, owww. So he goes and asks the nurse for some forceps and scissors (did you know that those are disposable??). I ask him do you have freezy spray cause this is going to hurt. He says no freezy spray like Dr. L. He grabs a hold of the suture and says does this hurt, ummm yeah. He pulls hard for a minute and snips. Oh and he tells me not to look at it. I closed my eyes when he did that. Why did he tell me not to look? He asked about the other incision, it's all good doc. He says ok. I'm sorry you had to come in (he actually felt bad that he didn't do a better job. Honestly the thought never crossed my mind. Stuff happens!). I wasn't mad, I was just worried about making a big deal about nothing. Plus I got to work from home to make up the hour I lost. So not so bad. I didn't lose anything by coming in. To tell the truth that suture was annoying the crap out of me. He did say he was taking it out so it wouldn't annoy me, so I think the nurse put that patient says suture is annoying the heck out of her. As for appts, come in as needed. So I hopefully won't be back in till I get a positive test, see ya in December doc (crossing fingers and legs!!!).

I asked about my out of network referral. My insurance has not had it submitted yet. He said he will double check with C. So I am going to start harassing her to get it. Oh and I get to do a baseline 24 hour urine next month plus bloodtests. I get to see Dr. L for her to switch my bp meds. JOY JOY. OH MY GOD, 3 months to go......