Sunday, June 29, 2008

7 weeks 1 day

I can't believe it's been a month almost since my BFP. It's been a whirlwind of bloodwork, USs, and dr appts. Still having some kidney stone pain. Still spilling trace blood and 1+ leukocytes. I am supposed to finish the antibiotic on Wednesday morning. I think if I am still showing blood and leukocytes in my urine that I'll be calling the Urologist on Monday and see if he wants me to go ahead and fill the next rx. That antibiotic is hard on my system. Gives me fluorescent yellow pee, makes me nauseated, and disrupts my digestive system. I also want to know what my urine cultured out.

I got a copy of my Er visit from my pcp. Everything was completely normal except the pink discharge noted by the ER dr on my exam. They ran every blood test known to man practically. I love reading the radiologist's report. VIABLE single intrauterine pregnancy measuring 6 weeks 1day with a heartbeat of 117 bpm. Beautiful words.

Dh is worried about going away to camp now. He wants to stay here because I am on the rest and no lifting restrictions. He says that Kirsten is just going to have to learn to help.We both feel she gets off too easy anyway. It's time she help with some of the chores in the house. So we decided to get some laundry bags so she can drag them up and down the stairs. Seeing dh will be gone (He uses so many freaking towels), it will just be me and the girls. My mil is a laundry freak and is ALWAYS wanting to wash our girls' clothes. Don't ask me why. She just is a laundry freak. So dh said LET HER. She'll be taking them to daycare and camp in the mornings. So she can do a week's worth of clothes for them. Dh is going to get his dad to mow the lawn for us while he is gone since I can't do that either. I always knew I would be on bedrest at the end, but never imagined I would be in the beginning.

Sara's birthday and party were yesterday. Oh she LOVED it. She woke up all excited and stuff. She kept saying my presents and wanting to open them. She loved her cake and all her gifts. She got some beautiful clothes. She got some great gifts. She loves loves the Rose Petal Cottage she got. DH is still putting it together. He'll finish it today. I on the other hand did way too much. Started to have some tiny bit of pink spotting which was my sign to SLOW DOWN. So I tried to get my feet up. Which was made virtually impossible by mil and sil. Mil anytime ANYTHING needed to be done said oh S will do it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. They don't know I am preggers yet. Dh and I are unsure of when to tell. It's not like we can say wait till 12 weeks because we did that before and still lost the baby after 2 USs that showed a heartbeat. I told him we should just announce to his side of the family at the 4th of July party. That way I can get some help around the house while he is gone. He is still pondering it. Dh is really taking the advice Dr. E, Dr. L, and Dr. G gave to heart with taking it easy. Oh and my bp this morning was 106/71!! Too bad it's not like that during the workweek.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 weeks 6 days

Well still no lifting, rest as much as possible, and pelvic rest. Pelvic rest is not a problem though as dh is getting ready to leave for 6 weeks to take the ROTC cadets to camp. All my labs looked great from last week. I am scheduled to go back on the 17th for that first exam appt. He agrees with the ER dr that the spotting was being caused by the progesterone irritating the cervix. I thought he was only keeping me on it till 10-12 weeks. However, he told me today that I would be on it till at least 14-16 weeks. WHOO HOO. This is from the man that said 50% of ob docs thought progesterone was garbage. Thought I would have to argue with him. Well he didn't say he thought it was garbage but he didn't agree with the theory. Maybe another patient will get it easier now.

As far as the stone, drink tons and tons of water to get it flushed out. The stone is on the border at 4mm. He said if the Urologist wants to go in and get it, it won't be till the second trimester. I asked him if I had to have the surgery, how will the baby be monitored? He said that a couple of L&D nurses would be doing doppler tones before surgery, during surgery, and then after surgery. He said the chance of mc was small in the second trimester with surgery. The best thing was to get that stone out by fluid intake. He rewrote my progesterone rx for 21 at a time because my insurance is stupid and won't fill 30 at a time. So it fills 21, then 9, then 21, then 9. I showed him the slip they give you when you pay and it showed 6.3 refills. He said stupid insurance companies, they are a pain. So he rewrote it for 21 and 4 refills. He said he would reevaluate when those were done. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind staying on it the whole pregnancy lol.

My bp was high in the office. It was 138/90. My readings at home are great. He said he could tell the difference of me working from home and me running into his office from work. Maybe he'll increase that?? He was glad I had already seen the urologist and that I was on antibiotics for the uti. Seeing that they think the severe kidney infection caused my MC, it was imperative to get me on it quick. Oh and he gave me permission to curl up and take some naps. He even offered the exam table with a nice fluffy pillow.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Urology Appointment

Let me just start by saying that I was NOT a freaking happy camper this morning and I totally got the rug pulled out from under me. So I had consulted a friend or two on what would happen at this type of appt. They all said, oh you will go talk to the doc. He'll review the renal USs. You'll pee in a cup. Well all of that happened. However, my urine showed a raging infection of a UTI. He said it was full of pus and blood. WTF. He said when he talked with the ER dr on Sunday, my urine was clean. Today, BAD BAD URINE. So I had the pleasure of having a catherized clean urine catch to figure out what the heck is causing these infections. The nurse said it would not hurt and would feel like pressure. SHE WAS WRONG. IT HURT LIKE HELL. OMG. That sucked a big one.

Then afterwards they both told me it hurt because I had a bad infection. Yeah, you think? I didn't have problems with burning and pain peeing before I was in the office, but I sure have since. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. He also suggested surgery to remove the stone. He looked at the USs. The one at the end of April showed a stone in the lower ureter and in the kidney. The US from Sunday showed no stone in the kidney, but the right ureter is dialated. He said that it showed the stone was on the move and in the ureter. He said he could go in and get it. However, anesthesia presents a miscarriage risk (a risk I am unwilling to take and quite frankly, I am SICK of surgery). I really think if I were not pregnant, he would have had my butt in the OR. I have a lot to discuss with my ob. I really don't want surgery, but what if it stays there???? So if I had to get surgery, I want to know how the baby will be monitored and if my ob will be scrubbing in. So I am really worried about it. I have heard kidney stone surgery SUCKS.

So what did happen? I left with a script for Macrobid to be started IMMEDIATELY. That day he said. So I started the script. I shall have nice pretty yellow fluorescent pee for my ob tomorrow. I left with a bunch of paperwork. I have a refill on the Macrobid to keep on hand at home to start as soon as I show signs of infection. I am to keep peeing on a stick to check for blood and leukocytes. I go back in 2 weeks. Lovely. He better not do another damn catheter thing. Can you tell I still am upset about that? I had to take pain medication afterwards all day. I didn't want to! He did offer pain medication, but I told him I just will get it through my pcp.

Saw my chiropractor tonight. Thank God my case is almost settled. I can have them paid off.
I go back in 3 weeks for that.

So I guess I have a lot to discuss with my ob tomorrow. I am worried he is going to want to see me naked to to check my cervix. I swear, I am going to start going to dr appts wearing a robe. That way I can drop it when needed.

DH is getting ready to leave for 6-7 weeks. How can I take it easy when he is going to be gone. I am going to be running after a 3 year old. She exhausts me. I have taken to coming home from work and CRASHING on the couch. So exhausted. Drs have me on pelvic rest (um yeah like that was going to happen) and taking it easy. Dh and Kirsten have been helping. I have not been carrying loads of laundry upstairs. Sara is not getting picked up as much. well, I have had to let my house go and learn to live with mess. I think in the next couple of months, we are going to have to hire some help to help us with the house. I can't do it and it will be too much for dh.

I get worried by the lack of symptoms. The sore boobs comes and goes. The exhaustion is always there. I have heartburn that is worse some days than others. Thankfully, no nausea and no vomiting. WHOO HOO. Food is a friend and not a foe.

Good news is my bp is looking fantastic. Only bad readings were taken in Dr. E's office and once right after work.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

29300 HCG and a Heartbeat of 117

PERFECT. Last night and today I had some spotting. A little tiny tiny bit of red streaked mucous and pink, then brown. If you have ever had a MC, any tiny dot of spotting freaks you out. I tried resting last night. Till I started cramping a bit this morning. Add on to it a possible kidney stone. My right side of my back felt like it was on fire and HURT. So I called my ob. I don't know what that man was doing at 8am, however, there was a TON of loud clanking going on in the background. He told me pelvic rest immediately and go on to the ER. Was he really going to tell me no? The ER staff was really really good. Except the part where the dr said most of her kidney stone patients are usually writhing in pain. She offered lortab for that which I declined. Anyway, take 5 tubes of blood, hook up iv, get me in for us. US took FOREVER. I think they scanned my entire back and belly. The heartbeat part was LAST. No stone in my kidney but my right ureter is mildly dialated. Since I am preggo, I couldn't get a cat scan to see it better.

The baby US was hard. It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. The tech's face was unreadable. She finally turned the monitor, there's the heartbeat. There is the baby. There is only one. Baby measured dead on for dates. From what I researched, heartbeat at 6 weeks is 90-115. My baby's was 117. YEAHHHHHH!

So all in all good news. I just couldn't stand not knowing. Diagnosis, possible kidney stone in right kidney and threatened mc. They thoroughly explained the threatened mc part, which I already knew from Sara. I was discharged with seeing my ob this week for follow up and getting a referral to a urologist. The nurse didn't explain that, just the seeing my ob. I stopped at the desk and asked about who is this dr. The dr I had said it was the urologist that had followed my case???? Um ok. Oh and the US tech gave me 2 pics of the lovebug. It may look like a grain of rice, but it is MY grain of rice.

So just take it easy. Pelvic rest, umm yeah like THAT is going to happen before the 1st trimester is over with. Follow up with these docs. A load off of my mine. Bp was beautiful. 129/80 when I got there. Then after the US and before I left 123/67.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are having a Valentine's Day baby!!!!!

I was so worried about being due 2/13/09 (Friday the 13th). Nope, my ob said 2/14/09. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Course I will probably never make it that far. So here is my ob visit:
It went well. He said umm no lmp? I said nope. He said that's ok. So he did his little wheelie thing. I'm having a VALENTINE'S DAY BABY!!!! EDD is 2/14!!!!!! At first he said 2/28, but then I said umm did you forget the 2 weeks before O??? He said OH YEAH. So then he did it based on a conception date on 5/23 to be on the safe side (cause opks are good for 24-48 hours). So I am 5 weeks 6 days today. He changed me to the prometrium oral to be done vaginally. No problem and gave me 6 refills. 200mg capsules. My progesterone went from 6.8 to 15.2!!!! YEAH FOR ME. So I said to him, um you think the progesterone is working?? He said it looks like it in theory. LOL, he isn't giving up on that! He said we will do another test at my next appt to check my levels.

So I am really excited!US - he wanted it done at 9-10 weeks. I want it done at 8. So he said I could do it then. 1) so dh can be there (he leaves for 6 weeks on the 8th! 2) because I'll get the hospital one at 8 weeks, my appt with him is on the 17th at 10 weeks and he'll do one in the office, one with the peri at 12 weeks, another with him at 14 weeks, and another with my peri at 17-18 weeks and then the big one at 20 weeks - so basically every 2 weeks. Then I will get another one at 24 weeks and every 2 weeks after that for growth. So it is scheduled 7/3. I have to call and schedule the one with the peri at 12 weeks. He gave me a one day a week work at home. My bp SUCKED today - 130/100. He was not happy with the bottom number but let me fly by because it was 130/84 at my pcp's 2 weeks ago. I have to check it twice a day and log the numbers. I am to call him if it goes over 100/105 consistently. He was hoping it was my anxiety today.

Told him the best pregnancy tests to recommend. Told him FRER and Clear blue Easy digital. Um, I think he is on to my little addiction, lmao. Was very worried about the lack of nausea and he said it was normal. However, if I wanted to be nauseated he could prescribe something. Ummm, no thanks. He reassured me that it wasn't a sign of impending doom. He said he was really surprised at how high my hcg levels jumped. He said they were EXCELLENT. He said I saw they were like 3800, then looked and said nope 3409, but that was really really good. He prescribed an epi pen (Cause I am severely allergic to bees). I was going to have my pcp do it, but he wrote it out for me. He said it would not be good to get stung. He said anaphalatic shock and pregnancy DO NOT MIX. He prescribed the prometrium, work at home note, folic acid, prenatal vitamin (they smell like vanilla, yum). I came out with a stack of rxs. So I have an US on 7/3. OB appt on 7/17. I need to schedule my peri appt at 12 weeks. Good appt. Oh and I almost passed out giving blood. But a little juice revived me. Please pray that this one keeps sticking.

So I have been taking my bp. After work it was 124/90.... At 10 pm, 117/76!!!! This morning 112/87. Seems like the really high bp was from anxiety from being in my ob's office and I am really glad that he instantly recognized it.

Still not really feeling much. Just some odds pains here and there. Pretty tired. Heartburn. NO NAUSEA or PUKING. My belly is growing though. This is so wierd. Oh and I pee quite a bit.

Monday, June 16, 2008

HCG update....

11-12 dpo - 35
13 -14 dpo - 65 86% increase 48 hours
17-18 dpo - 284 109% increase 48 hours

22-23 dpo - 3409!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! A 170% increase!

Can you say happy dance! I think we may have a sticky baby here. Crossing all my crossables. I am now above average for hcg. At this level, we should be able to see a baby in there. I was worried because I am not puking and have always been sick as a dog with nausea and puking. OMG I can't believe it!! I was hoping for 1100 and praying for 1800 as a doubling increase. My progesterone is not back yet. However, the nurse said it should be ok seeing I am on supplementation. Thank God I demanded to have that tested and got put on it. It's still hard to believe we actually be bringing a baby home this time.

My first ob appt is on Thursday. Aside from bad cases of heartburn, dizziness and lightheadedness, and exhaustion, I am doing ok. I am doing the thank God for no puking and nausea. Everyone says this one is going to be a BOY. ha ha ha. Others are saying twins, umm please, we are happy with one.

Can't believe my prayers were answered. I have been constantly praying and worrying...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All the prayers were heard...

Yes, all those people and friends praying for a sticky baby, our prayers were heard. 1st beta at 11-12dpo - 35. 2nd beta at 13-14 dpo - 65 and 3rd beta at 17-18 dpo - 284!!!!!!!!! More than quadrupled in 4 days!! Doubling time of 45 hours. Nurse said it was excellent!!! My ob was gone that afternoon and is out tomorrow (lucky guy). However, she will leave a note for another progesterone and quant and I will probably do it on Friday. Keep appt for Thursday of next week. I feel like I get to join a special club or something!!!

This nurse is the one that knows my history and has been working with me. I told her that I had talked to Dr. E on Friday about the low progesterone. She said through the office and I said no. She said I should have called the office. I said S I did! The nurse that I talked with cut me off and told me she was not going to argue progesterone supplementation with my ob even though I had a KNOWN low progesterone problem. S said WHAT? I said yeah. So I got very upset knowing that a pregnancy can not be maintained witha 6.8. That level you will miscarry. So I called Dr. L and of course she did the I am not stepping on toes. She told me to have Dr. E paged because they were worried that I was so upset that I would cause another miscarriage. I told S that I paged him and he immediately agreed and even had to find a pharmacy to make it for me to start Friday night. She said but we call that in all the time. I said this nurse refused to do anything about it. She asked me who it was. I said I thought it was ... She said they didn't have a nurse by that name. Was it??? I said it could be. However, I was in tears all day on Friday because I KNOW progesterone would help me. She said if that happened again to talk with her.

She said it looks like for now that baby is sticking! I am so freaking excited. Finally out of that darkness and awful club!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Need lots of P&PTs today

I go in for my third blood draw today. I am a nervous wreck. I can't help it. I am so worried that I will miscarry AGAIN. My progesterone does not make me feel any better either. Please pray for good numbers.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am definitely pregnant

However, it is making me insane with worry. I keep peeing on sticks to see if they are getting darker. My first beta at 12 (maybe even 11) dpo was 35. Second beta was 65 done exactly 48 hours later. I would have liked to have seen 70+, however, 65 is completely acceptable. My progesterone though SUCKED at 6.8. This is not high enough to sustain a pregnancy and of course I was in tears. It should have been at least 10. I told the nurse ( a new one that I have never dealt with before) that she must talk to my ob and get me on progesterone supplements. She said she would. She called me back and said no supplementing my ob didn't believe in it. I said but that is so low. It can't sustain it. She said she was not going to argue progesterone supplementation with my ob.... This DEVESTATED ME. I was going to see if I could talk with my ob when I picked up my lab slip but his office was closed. So then I tried calling my pcp's office. Left 5 messages. Was near hysterical. Was bawling my eyes out. Nurse finally calls me back and says tell me everything I don't understand. I explain to her that progesterone is vital to pregnancy. That a level as low as mine is destined to miscarry. She says doc will not order it for me because she didn't want to step on my ob's toes. Of course this made me hysterical. She said talk me through it. What did the nurse for him say. I told her. She said A) it sounds like she didn't press it with him. B) She didn't make it seem important. She said this is what you are going to do because you are so upset right now. She said you are going to have him paged. You are going to explain how upset this has made you and demand that supplement. In the meantime, I am going to talk with pcp. So I did that. He didn't sound to thrilled that I paged him for it, but as the nurse said, the only thing I had to lose was my baby. I told him he may not believe in it, but I do and I wanted to be on it. I had to be on it THAT night. He readily agreed. 50% of ob docs say it is garbage (guess which one he is in) however, if I wanted it he would order it. I have seen too many stories from women with recurrent mc that it works. It won't work for a baby that is not viable. Meaning chromosomal issue. BUT, it does work for a baby that can make it and needs a bit of help to get to the second trimester. I told him this was the only chance my baby had and I needed to be on it. I couldn't lose ANOTHER baby again. This was something that could be corrected. He spent half an hour researching the dose and trying to find a pharmacy to make it. He ordered a compounded prometrium suppository.

So I run to the pharmacy which is closing soon. They make it for me. Insurance doesn't cover it. GREAT. I'll pay for it. $55. The pharmacist told me to use these for now (which was a low dose at 25mg) and then when I have my appt on the 19th (if I havn't lost the baby by then) and have him change it to prometrium oral capsules. I can take those orally or vaginally. So I decided to take 2 suppositories a day. Double the dose. I plan to switch to the oral pill which is covered by my insurance company when I see my ob. He'll write a new rx when I see him. I didn't want to bug him again.

PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS BABY MAKES IT. I am so so worried. It's note easy for dh. Kirsten we both were ready. He was more pushy though. Sara he pushed me into. I am the one pushing here for our last baby. He is leaving for a business trip for 6-7 weeks this summer. Which means end of August/September before we try again. If lose this one too, I am requesting a referral to an RE.

So far I think I may be having some symptoms but they could be from the prometrium. I have been so nauseated today and tired. My boobs have hurt pretty bad today but are not big. I keep peeing on sticks. They appear to get darker. The ones this morning were really dark, but my urine was really concentrated. I think I am going to stop doing that. It only increases my anxiety now. I have had positive tests for a week now. I know it can go either way, but at least I know I did everything I could. I have pretty much been on the couch all day. I think I would have felt much better with my progesterone higher. However, we caught it early at less than 4 weeks. My level was taken at 12 (maybe 11 dpo). So I am hoping that since we caught it so early that maybe these suppositories will help. Whoever knew I would be willing to shove those things up there twice a day to have a baby. Hopefully, I can go off of them around 14-16 weeks. Again, if I get that far. Ohhh I feel a bit of heartburn. Bring on the pukies.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Well I have never gotten one this early....

Yes, I got a BFP yesterday at 10 DPO with afternoon urine... OMG. The girls on my loss board demanded pics. I took 3 different brand tests. All have a second line. I took more tests this morning. The line came up immediately although faint. Took a digital and it says pregnant. Woke dh up for him to read the digital. He said are you going to keep taking tests? Um yeah. I want a nice big fat dark line. I am terrified, scared, and excited all at the same time! 4 out of 5 tries are first time tries. Wow. Now let's pray that this baby sticks. I don't have a LMP to give my ob. I do know when I O'd based on an OPK. Guess he'll have to give me a US to determine a due date. WHOOPSIE. He was going to give me an early one anyway to make me happy.

I will probably call my ob's office first thing Thursday morning since that is the day that AF was due. Set up an appt (HOPEFULLY FOR NEXT WEEK) and get a blood draw done for HCG and Progesterone. Although, Sara is sick. I am seriously considering asking my pcp to draw one. My ob does surgery on Monday, is in the office on Tuesdays, off on Wednesdays. So I was going to call on Wednesday, but the nurses can't authorize the blood draw. I am pretty sure the midwives don't want to touch me.....

Please pray that this one makes it and is born healthy, safe, and full term.