Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Insurance Companies and OB billing Clerks, YOU SUCK.

Yeah you suck. HOW DARE YOU, send me a bill for copays for each ob visit. I have ALWAYS paid my medical bills on time. Today I opened my mail. I have a bill from my ob's office for $30. I guess my ob's way of taking care of it was knocking off $15. Who knows. Maybe that bill is still coming too. My insurance plan states, that I pay $15 for the first visit to establish that yes I am pregnant. AFTER THAT IT STATES YOU PAY NOTHING. So because there is not a CPT code to charge to for less than 4 visits (I had 4 visits, but apparently it is 4 visits AFTER the first visit you pay your copay), I am being charged for every office visit I had. How the hell is that fair? So because I LOST my baby, my baby DIED, I get punished by paying extra?? WTF?

Some may say call the billing clerk and get it straightened out. Yeah, that's the problem. The billing clerk has a personality problem. She is one of the most unwilling and most difficult person I have ever had to deal with. It took me lighting a fire under her butt and staying on her to get two referrals done. So do you really think she is going to deal with this??? So you may say call the doc. Ok, well I have been a patient there for four years. The only time my dr has talked to me outside the office is when I have called after hours and when I lost the baby. I don't think it is appropriate to call him after hours to discuss this on his pager.

So what should I do? I don't really care how they code it to my insurance company (insurance company refuses to get involved) as long as I don't pay extra. It's not the money, I can pay $30. It's the point of it. I should not be punished for losing my baby. That's just freaking cruel. My ob said he would take care of this. I am seriously considering making photocopies of my plan book for maternity and sending that back with the bill. Can you think of anything appropriate that will get my point across to the clerk??? I am angry, sad, mad, and in tears over this. It just SUCKS.

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