Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well some answers...

I called my peri's office today. The baby did measure 13 weeks. There is some question about how far along I was. According to the peri's office and online calculators, I was 13 weeks 5 days. According to my ob's office, I was 13 weeks 3 days. If the baby measured 13 weeks, then the baby could have passed as much as 5 days and as little as 2-3 days. The nurse said that the baby was too swollen to have a good picture on. The pictures she had were the size of a grain of rice with alot of fluid. I told her that that didn't make sense because on the screen on the wall was a fully formed baby. She said baby measured 13 weeks. So either my pics have gotten mixed up with someone else's or they deleted the pics or they didn't save the correct ones. She concluded that they either deleted them or didn't save the correct ones. Very very disappointing. Next time I will ask for pictures at every single US. We discussed the possibility that I may be pregnant. She said to make sure that I call and get in for the transnuchal US at 12 weeks because that is the optimal time. The first trimester will be a busy one for me with lots of USs. Who am I to complain. 5-6 weeks will be first appt with midwife. 7-9 weeks first US at hospital. 8-9 weeks appt with my ob, and US. 12 weeks - US with ob and appt and transuchal US with Peri. 16 weeks appt with ob (I am specifically requesting an appt at 14 weeks to ease my anxiety and he told me that he would do this at my fu appt). 17-18 weeks appt with peri and US. 20 weeks US and ob appt. Then I think I go every two weeks to my ob and every 4 weeks to my peri till 26-28 weeks. Then it will be every week for my ob and every two weeks with my peri. Then at 32 weeks appts every week with peri. I am glad I will be seen so much.

So the nurse asked me how I was doing and what happened afterwards. I told her I had a d&c the next day during lunch, my ob hung out in the recovery room with me till I went to the floor. (I still didn't know he was there but he was because he specifically mentioned certain things that I said and I remember saying them). That I hemmoraged afterwards. Then everything went back to normal afterwards. She said she couldn't wait to see me back and with my history, I needed to get in ASAP with them. I also discovered my peri has launched a website. I am impressed. I like docs that use technology.

My necklace came in the mail yesterday. I immediately put it on. It is absolutely beautiful. The pendant is smaller than I thought it was. I like small delicate jewelry and it is perfect. Sara loves it too. She loves to sit on my lap and finger the baby tear part. I just hope she doesn't break it. Dh thinks it is quite silly, but I don't really care.

Did I tell you? My baby girl is potty training! She was so excited last night. Everyone has been riding her to use the potty. I told them to back off. She has got a stubborn streak a mile long like me and is miss independent just like me. Last night went to the bathroom upstairs. She came running down all excited and grabbed me to show me what she did. She went again last night before bed and was actually dry from when we had dinner to bedtime. Then this morning she did it again. She is so proud of herself. I was getting a pullup out of the box and she kept pointing to the box saying she was a big girl too. I guess she is potty training just in time!!!! I may let her go in underwear and see how she does this weekend, but outings will definitely still be in a pullup. I can't wait to talk with her teacher today.

Kirsten made it to Florida safe and sound and is enjoying the beach and pool. She is such a fish. She went to eat dinner at Perkins (umm they go all the way to Florida and eat at Perkins??? I would so be hitting every single fresh seafood place in town. We have Perkins here in NY).

Oh and you are wondering if I poas today right?? Well I did and still an extremely faint second line. I am still not calling it till I get a nice dark line that can be seen easily and readily. I really think I am. I spent last night paying for a drink I had. I had a mudslide (go ahead and slap me now, it was my birthday!) at Applebees. I paid for it the entire night. Still have sore boobs that are not made any better by Sara who constantly jabs them. I was nauseated so bad last night and this morning. It seems that the nausea is hitting worse first thing in the morning and late afternoon onwards. The dizziness is still hanging around. So I am hoping time moves forward to Monday so I can test with a digital. It still is WAY too early for it to show on a digital. So keep your fingers crossed.

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