Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cheer Dance

Kirsten had her cheer dance pictures done today and they were all so freaking cute!!! I totally was not used to the makeup thing and everything with her. She is also now signed up for drama club. They are doing a play called the page master. With cheer dance, her teacher is insisting that all of the girls in the cheer dance class sign up for cheer competition instead of cheer dance next year. She said that they are so good, she wants to take them to competition. OWWWW. So Kirsten will be picking up and additional class next year (probably tumbling). I'm really really glad that we are able to provide these opportunities for them because my mother would have never allowed us to do this. She just wasn't involved like this. Work is not the answer cause I work 60 hour weeks sometimes. Oh and Miss Sara is going to be in dance next year too!

DH has gotten his mom to watch the girls tonight. We are going to the new George Clooney movie and dinner. Oh and tonight and tomorrow is another round of bding in trying for a baby. I am supposed to O on Monday. All the signs are there. My temp dropped this morning. SO hope and pray for us that it works. I really want to be pregnant ASAP.

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