Sunday, April 20, 2008


Can I say again how much it sucks. I know I know. It was only the first cycle and my crazy ob said to wait three months. I told him that was an eternity. He said it would go by quickly. I told him it was easy for him to say that. He can go and deliver a million babies to make the time pass quickly. I am still in shock over my dr. I know where she was coming from when she said how devestated she was to find out she was pregnant and that she cried. Yet, understand where I am coming from. I lost a baby. A baby that had been planned and prayed for for 2 years. That's devestating. To say goodbye before you ever got the chance to say hello. To not wipe that baby's tears. To not see the first day of school. At least she still has this. Yes, a very abrupt hello. Still. She gets to keep her baby. I know she is worried about lifestyle changes, work, etc. Actually, it is kind of funny and cute because she has NO idea, lol. I know my time will come. Just hurry up God and help me out here. Once we get a healthy mom and a healthy baby, my uterus, we will give it to whomever wants it!!!

So now I am on CD 3. Yeah that so sucks. I'm not sure how I am liking the charting thing. I think once I make sure that I ovulated. I may stop temping. I still havn't dropped down past my coverline at CD 3. You know I don't want to go through months of temping. I'll have to see. Yeah, even though it has never taken me longer than 2 months to conceive. I am considering the possibilities that it may take months. I even went out to see when ovulation was as far out as July and August. I hate taking all these vitamins and baby aspirin. blech. I have been on them since September.

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