Sunday, April 13, 2008


Can I say how much taxes suck. We owed 14k between state and federal. WTF. We have to pay $1700 and we get a whopping $97 back from state. We make around a 100k. WOW. Last year, we made that much because I worked a zillion hours of OT to pay off some credit card bills that we had. Working that OT has come to bite me in the butt. This year, I will make the same salary as I did last year with all that OT (had a 10k payraise). This year for federal I dumped 10k into flex spending accounts. Last year, I only had 2k. I also had planned/hoped for a tax deduction baby. We will see if that still works out. Thank God they will not allow me to go past my due date if I shall be so lucky to get pregnant again. It just drives me crazy that I am paying out the wazoo for daycare, health insurance, taxes, dental insurance. The more I make, the more it slips through our fingers. The good news is that I refuse to take OT pay now. I take comp time. Time is more valuable to me now instead of money. Next year, I am dumping more money into our retirement accounts. I wanted to max out flex spending first. It took me all day to do taxes. Grrrr.

Tonight we go out for our birthday dinners. Dh's birthday is 4/15. Mine is 4/16. Bil's is 4/17. Inlaws can't claim to miss our birthdays!!! Tuesday they are taking Kirsten to Florida for vacation with them. Sara will be lost! Back to birthdays, I know we should be glad that they take us out to dinner. Although one thing that really irks me is that they never ask us where we want to go. I guess since they are paying they choose. Sil's birthday is in October. They always go wherever she wants to go. Seems like dh and I get the short end of that stick. That's ok. Dh and I are going to go out on Tuesday for our own birthdays.

As far as pregnancy symptoms watch:
BBs still hurt a LOT all over. They seem fuller but not bigger yet.
Dizziness. I have been so freaking dizzy all day. Dh has had to ask me several times if I was ok.
Complete memory gap today, lol.
Slight waves of nausea have hit me today.

All of these can be construed as PMS symptoms. Unless I get a positive test saying otherwise, that is what I am believing! I plan on starting testing on Wednesday. Let me tell you, I am having a very hard time resisting POAS! I'm going to be so upset if I am not.

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Amy said...

Wishing you the best girl! Crossing my fingers for a BFP!