Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray for OPKS!!

Seriously, how did women back 20 years ago stand it!!!! I was reading about the history of pregnancy test. I was amazed. They didn't even have the normal pee tests like today till the early 90s. Rapid response came into play in 2003.

Ok, so I was seriouly stressing out and worrying that I wouldn't O this month. I know I know. I am one of those girls that are just sickening to women that are irregular. Even when I was irrgular (to me), I was still regular as a clock. I remember walking into my ob's office and saying here are my charts. I bleed all the time and it HURTS. He said look, you see right here. Your period was here, here, and here. Sure enough he was right. It was just the constant bleeding all the time that was bad. He eventually got that fixed.

So I have been totally stressing out since I lost the baby about everything going to normal. No lines on my opks and have been testing constantly. I got 2 lines this morning. Took another test at 10 and even darker. So my surge has started!!!!!!!!

So bding tonight and tomorrow night too. Please please pray that it all works for us.

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