Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calgon take me away!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh calgon please come and take me away. Dh is gone on his business trip. I swear the girls are trying to drive me crazy! How can two girls that are so far apart in age find so much to fight about??? Today was a work at home day. Thank God, I needed it!!! I need to hurry up and get pregnant so I can do this the WHOLE summer. Dr. E said he would approve me to do work at home on Wednesdays in an attempt to break up my commute and work week and keep my bp low.

I hate the waiting. All I want to see are two dark lines. Two dark lines that say HEY you are pregnant. I swear I will welcome puking. Isn't that terrible? Although I know better than anyone that just because you still have all of the symptoms of pregnancy, it isn't an assurance that your pregnancy will be ok. I am feeling very comfortable with how much time I can take off. Maybe it was God's way of making sure that I would take the time off.

I went shopping today. I need some clothes. I still havn't lost the 10 lbs that I gained with the last pregnancy. I was truly perplexed. I didn't want to buy shorts that fit perfectly cause I could get pregnant soon and outgrow them. I didn't want to buy big because well what if it doesn't happen. So I bought a size bigger and with drawstring. Perfect. I figured if I get pregnant this month (oh please let it happen), then I have room to grow. Shorts usually get put away at the end of October sometime. I picked up two long sleeve shirts in my favorite type of shirt. I bought them HUGE and 2 for $10.98 clearance. I am hoping I will have a need for them at the end of the year!!!

The gas prices. They are killing me. Two commutes (Mine is 90 miles, dh is 60 miles) in two Ford Explorers are killing us. I hope Bush gets booted from office soon so we can have gas prices drop. I am CONVINCED they will drop when he leaves.

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