Saturday, April 19, 2008

How can you be a DOCTOR and not know you are pregnant???

Yeah, you read that right. So I decided to bite the bullet and take Sara to the dr today. Now, know that I love our pcp. She is awesome and I wish the absolute best for her. So it was pretty awkward being in the office because I was told my dr was like 8 weeks along now. Right?? WRONG!!!! So we get called back and the nurse asks us how our baby making was coming along? Are you serious?? You have got to be freaking kidding me. I said well obviously it didn't happen this month if I called the office yesterday and requested a refill on L.o.r.t.a.b for endometriosis and adenomyosis pain. I said um obviously it didn't happen this month. Oh well it will happen we got new ones popping up all over the place. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

So our dr comes in. I said I heard congratulations. Might as well get it out of the way. Honestly I was happy for her. I juts wanted to break the awkwardness. She said yeah I was soooo devestated. I could understand her position. Honestly I can. She is over 40. Been married over 15 years. Had given up on the idea of children. Then you find out that not only are you pregnant, but TWENTY-EIGHT WEEKS PREGNANT. Yeah you read that right. Due at the end of May. WTF? You mean when I was 4 weeks pregnant, she was already heading into the second trimester and didn't know it??? How can that happen?? So she said she thought the weight she was gaining was because she was older. She had heartburn, but tossed it to age and acid reflux acting up. Movement - she felt none. Periods - very irregular. Her periods were minimum 90 days apart and as much as 6 months apart. So she got the idea to test from her nurse and sent off a tube of blood to be tested. She thought she had a bladder infection, but heck well test for hcg as well. Guess what? Pregnant!! She said she was in absolute shock and devestated. I said I bet you cried. She said I did!! Then she said she called my ob bawling and devestated on his private line. He had her come over at lunch to check her out and get her calmed down. US stated she was 28 weeks along. No prenatal care. So she was freaking. I said well he is a good ob. That is his first love. He acts like the baby is his because he gets all excited when the baby kicks so you are in good hands. I told her he took really good care of me when I lost the baby. He scheduled it the next day during lunch and stayed in recovery with me.

She is now 34 weeks pregnant. She said she has been running around buying baby furniture, registering, etc. She said her mom told her she had to register and she just had no idea about any of that. I asked about daycare. She said she was going to keep the baby in her dh's office (he is the office manager) in one of those play things. I said a pack n play? She said yeah, that! So how long are you taking off? Oh, a couple of weeks. Are you serious? You are going to be exhausted. Well I go up to the ob floor to check the baby's out and I see moms walking around all the time. I said it's one thing to be walking around a HOSPITAL floor as a new mom and running a full time busy solo practice!!! I said ok. OMG! She has scheduled an elective c-section for convenience on May 19th. I have an idea my ob will be tying, burning, cutting her tubes, lol.

It blows my mind. Don't get me wrong. I really am happy for her. Honestly, as she said the hands of God were all over this one. I just wish desparately it were me. :( Then just watched the Juno movie. Why? I have no freakingidea. Just wanted I wanted to see another "surprise" . Grrrrr. With my dr, I didn't cry and I thought I would. I may even go buy her a baby present. AND she will be around for when I get pregnant and my baby when its born. We did discuss that my uterus is coming out when the next baby is here.

I said but you gotta be worried about all your peers seeing you naked. Don't worry, Dr. XXX would never say anything. But I had a friend of mine be my recovery room nurse and I still think OMG S. saw me naked. She said yeah, but she knows people here and that makes a difference. I said you are right. It's one of the reasons I don't want to go to Childrens. Kirsten was born in a big university hospital. Nobody talked to me. No one said what was going on. I trust you and Dr. E. That's it. That's why I don't see the midwives there AT ALL. She laughed. So I said I totally hear you on that one. We both decided we are anal retentive, lol.

Oh and Miss Sara. She has bronchitis and a sinus infection. So she is on Claritin and Amoxil now. The dr gave Sara 7 necklaces to wear with her dress. Dh asked Sara if she had been to Mardy

Sara discovered a birthday present. I had found TXO Elmo on sale at Walmart for $9. She is totally enthralled with it. She id dying from laughter. I have never seen her get such joy from a toy. I actually had to put batteries in it!

So I figured I will O again May 2nd. That would be a wonderful late Mother's Day present if I am. I just hope it happens soon. I am not used to dealing with TTC for long periods of time. Although one month is not that long unless you consider really since November. However, most of that was pregnancy. I could still be in for a 2008 baby based on my history. No nasty comments on a premature baby please. I would prefer a totally healthy full term baby. I am just saying since I have yet to get past 36 weeks and was told to count on delivering between 35-36 weeks. This would be the week between Christmas and New Years. Knowing my luck, I would end up with the first New Year's baby being born. NO I DO NOT WANT THAT AT ALL!!!! If I have a baby January 1st, might as well make it Dec 31st for the tax deduction please. I'll take the few hours for that. Now since the urgency for December is all off. I just hope it happens soon and baby and I are healthy and safe. Then I can plan for my hysterectomy between summer and Christmas. The good news is add another slot of time for leave. The way I am going, I will be able to take like 6 months off WITH pay. So screw work and trying to work at home. I have it figured out that I am at 2 1/2 months out before the baby is born and 3 months afterwards. Works for me. Maybe even more depending if I follow my track record. I have decided that I will be spending my winter months hibernating. Dh can still attend the genetic screening if we catch the egg this month. It would have to be the day before he leaves for camp on our anniversary.

Please send any and all baby dust my way. I hate feeling like this and hate this whole process of trying again.

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