Sunday, April 6, 2008


Them OPKs were right. OMG, this hurts. Yes, along with the lovely endometriosis, I get mittlesmertz at O time. Why? Because I have endometriosis between the tubes and ovaries and it hasn't been taken out yet. Some articles say it's not possible. Trust me, IT IS VERY POSSIBLE! All I got to say is OWWWWWW.

So, I have been taking opks all day and they are all getting darker. LOVING that. For once my body did not betray me, lol.

I am praying and hoping this only takes one time cause I can't deal with periods every month. Please please please pray that the rumor that you are more fertile after a MC is true.

I'll be taking lots of motrin tonight (only tonight) and then hopefully it will be gone soon. OOOWWWWWW.

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