Saturday, April 26, 2008

So I went in for kidney stones and came out with a

POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST. OMG OMG OMG OMG. You may wonder how the heck did that happen. Well I thought I got af last week. I thought I had a kidney infection earlier this week. So I bucked up and called my pcp and went in. She checked my urine and it was PLUS 3 for blood trace leuckocytes. Because I had so much pain and blood she went ahead and put me on macrodantin - max dose. YUCK. So she asked me yesterday, are you sure you are not pregnant??? I said no. I had af last week. :( I was so bummed yesterday. The nurse was like are you guys trying? Yes, but it obviously didn't work. I had even gotten a refill of my l.o.r.t.a.b. rx for endo. I had taken I don't know how many doses of 800mg motrin for my endo. It wasn't endo, it was kidney stones!!!! I had a drink, OMG. I ate a whole pint of Bailey's icecream. So anyway. This morning I decided to take an OPK. Immediately a dark line came up. My first thoughts were OMG, dh is out of town and we obviously can't do anything. How the heck am I ovulating on CD 9??? WTH. Then my dr's voice popped in my head and said are you sure you are not pregnant? I thought NAH. So I peed on a dollar store stick. POSITIVE. I peed on an internet hcg stick. POSITIVE. I peed on an Answer OPK. POSITIVE. Finally I decided to bring out the big guns. I peed on a clearblue digital. No way in hell that will be positive because it is certain pregnant, not pregnant. A few minutes go by. PREGNANT came up. WTF?? I about puked. How can that happen? I know the clearblue has a sensitivity of 50mIU/ml. My loss board is going completely nuts. What a miracle.

So I completely freaked out. Called my pcp's office and they had me bring the tests with me. Everyone is shaking their heads in disbelief. I bypass everyone in the waiting room and go to the exam room. Oh and left the girls in the waiting room screaming their heads off!!! The nurses kept an eye on them but, Kirsten has a big freaking mouth. So, I hear doc tell M, did you get a urine on her. M says, doc she brought in 5 different positive tests. They are all lined up on the counter for you. Do you need more proof??? She said no. Doc comes in and looks at the tests and says YES YOU ARE PREGNANT. I am still having this terrible back and flank pain, I was terrified of an ectopic. Plus I had bleeding. So she called the hospital and they had an US tech come in from home to do an US on me. Doc also had blood drawn for quant hcg levels. She will get those results tomorrow and will call me at home. So everyone is like OMG at the office.

So go to the hospital, while there the US tech and I decide we should check for kidney stones. While the secretary was calling for the dr to order it, she did the pelvic US. It was too early to see a baby at 4 weeks 5 days. She checked the tubes for swelling and fluid. There was none. She checked for a corpus luteum, and I had one. This is what produces the progesterone to sustain pregnancy till the placenta takes over. IT WAS THERE. I had tears when she said that!!!

Got the authorization for the renal US. She spent 40 minutes on my right kidney and only 5 minutes on my left kidney. She kept measuring 3-4 circles on my right kidney that showed up as white circles. She wouldn't tell me ANYTHING. AGGGGGHHHH.

My pcp called me as soon as the radiologist called her. I have no signs whatsoever of an ectopic pregnancy. WHOO HOO. Still too early to see the bean. That I have kidney stones in my right kidney. My right kidney is dialated and the ureter is dialated too. OMG I am PREGNANT. I am in the club. WHOO HOO. I thought I was totally out this month! The only thing I can do is drink lots of water, cranberry juice, take antibiotics, and tylenol. OWWWWWWWWWW. We'll know more tomorrow. I feel really good about this. I saw a rainbow on Wednesday. That was the day my temp took an enormous drop. Peyton sounded his little heartbeat for me. I am so freaking excited.

So please say some prayers for me and keep me in your thoughts. I need all the sticky baby vibes I can get!!!! I am CD 35!!!! Oh and the bleeding, my pcp thinks it was a combination of implantation bleeding and kidney stone bleeding. A friend of mine emailed me who has kidney stones a lot said she bleeds like af from it too. The US tech could not find out where the bleeding was from. OMG it was so heavy last Saturday. I am of course freaked out, but for now it is ok. I am holding my breath. Thank God for good drs and hospitals.

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