Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Where Oh Where Could My BFP Be????

Do you know where? Cause I got all the signs for a BFP and it is not showing up yet. This better not be another chemical pregnancy. UGGGH. I even went and bought MORE HPTs. I bought First Response and not a second line to be found. Usually, by this point, I am doubled over with cramps from the adenomyosis and severe lower pelvic and back pain. NONE. Is God taking it easy on me this month? AF is due tomorrow. I thought for sure if I bought the First Response tests, AF would show up. Nope, no where to be found. Yet, I have heartburn from hell, nausea waves all day, exhaustion, diareah (tmi I know. Apparently, when your progesterone goes up, this can happen. It can also happen before AF. However, not for the last two days!), hot, lots of EWCM and creamy CM, a high soft cervix, irritable, sore boobs and nipples, spotting between 5-10dpo. A wierd thing, my scars from the laps that I have had started hurting today. They have not hurt since I was pregnant with Peyton. So I am either having one heck of a nasty PMS trip or I am pregnant. So where is my BFP. Is it hiding on me? Surely not two different brands of tests.....I even had concentrated urine this morning and afternoon. NOTHING. I can imagine a second line. But it is my imagination.

Fertility Friend says the average for a BFP is 13.6 days out of their 200,000 charts. So, I guess it could still be out there. I am right in there at 13 DPO. But if it is will it just show positive soon please. Let's get the show on the road one way or another. I am sick of waiting. I want my baby. I want my uterus to come out when the baby is born. So let's get with it.....

My baby girl is no longer a Brownie Scout. She bridged to Juniors tonight. I can't believe how fast they are growing up!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Big hugs dear! I know you are exhausted! Hope that this is it for you!!! Fingers crossed and many prayers!!