Saturday, May 10, 2008

8 dpo and freaking a bit....

I'm 8dpo today. Tomorrow, Mother's Day, I am 9DPO. Way too early to pee on a stick, but I am going do it anyway. What can I say except I am masochistic. Maybe I'll get a little lucky. I am still spotting. It was nice for about a day because it gave me a lot of hope and really good signs. Now I am so over it. Wishing for everything to be ok. Wishing for it to stop. Wishing for a BFP. I can't believe it is the middle of May. I am still stuck in February. The last couple of days I have had horrendous heartburn. Last night, I had nausea so bad I couldn't move. I have the spotting but no pain. Just a lot of wierd pulling and tugging. I keep reading how this spotting is a very good sign if you are trying to get pregnant. Well I got the sign God. Now make it go away cause it is totally freaking me out.

Regardless, I can't change what will happen in the future. I can't control what the results will be. I'll test tomorrow through next weekend. I have 6 first response tests. I have my blood test on Monday afternoon after work. I plan on calling my ob's office Tuesday afternoon after work for the results. Let's hope it is good news. I can use some nowadays.

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