Monday, May 5, 2008

Exhausted, yawnnnn

Oh my, I am so exhausted and there is no reason to be. Well there could be a reason. I slept in till 10am yesterday. I even took a nap between 4-6pm. Went to bed at 11pm. This morning I can barely keep my eyes open. I hope that means that I am pregnant again. My boobs are pretty tender today. That is unusual this early. Normally that would be a next week symptom or at least further a few days into the 2 ww. They feel fuller.

I have been pregnant since like the middle of November off and on with about a month off 2/22-3/24. Do you realize that if I am pregnant again that will make over a year of being pregnant. agggggh. I'll take it. Just make this baby stick. That's all I ask. Give me a healthy sticky baby and I'll give up my uterus in return.

Seriously, I just want to crawl into a hole and sleep because I am so tired. 3DPO today. Blood test next Monday. I still think it will be hysterical to see wildly climbing numbers instead of 0. I am sure my ob is on to it. lol. Can you imagine the nurse's face. Umm doc, her numbers went UP instead of to 0.

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