Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well I definitely O'd this time. My temps are on the way up. Especially if you throw out the one from O day where I was running a fever at 5am on tylenol. Not sure where my coverline will be. I am really hoping this month will be it. I secretly hope it is. Dh who has been wishy washy about trying again after having such a devestating loss is totally on board this month. He even said afterwards, there you are now impregnated. When he said it before, I really was. It seemed like even though O fell on a Thursday, God made things happen so we can get the time to dtd in. As sad as it sounds, if I hadn't of gotten Strep, I would not have been home on Thursday when DH got home. So we got a bd in on late Tuesday night (2 days before O), day of O (DH raced back from KY for it), and the morning after O ( I would have been at work but was home due to still being contagious). I was able to lay still for an hour afterwards each time. So keep your fingers crossed. We REALLY need this. By the time, I go back to work, I'll already be 5 DPO. How exciting. By the time the following weekend is done, 11 DPO. I have 50 early internet HPTs that measure at 10mIU/ML. So hopefully it will WORK this time. The O that I thought I had on 5/2 was a major fakeout. My temps did not rise and I got frustrated and quit temping.

DH has planned our entire weekend out already... Tonight we are going to a coworkers house. I made brownies. Of course, the girls TOTALLY protested, so I had to make a second batch... Kirsten has a birthday party to attend to tonight. Then they are going to grandmas cause we don't know when we will be back.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day outside. Simply gorgeous. Gives me hope for a better day....

Tomorrow, DH wants to go to the drive in to see some movies. It's about an hour away, however, it is fun. We get a pizza. Bring drinks and snacks. The girls sleep in the back of the explorer when they fall asleep. We also have a bbq to go to as well. I have a feeling we may be picking up some extra riders for the drive in. I finally got the bullentin board and marker boards back up to keep track of appts. They kept falling off the wall. It's the one thing dh does NOT touch.

Then Monday, I am sleeping. I feel like I have been on vacation all week. Since I was quarantined because of the strep, I did some work from home instead.

So keep your fingers crossed and hopefully in 10-12 days we get the answer we are looking for....

Oh and I have NO idea what to tell my dr so he can date everything. Guess he'll have to send me for a US, which he was going to do regardless. Technically, there has been no period since the middle of April. I am not in the least bit upset about that. It's his job to figure those things out for me. Since it has been such a crazy and wild ride, I had to write all that stuff down for him. I'm just hoping to get back in that club again..... It's not a nice feeling looking in from the outside.

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