Tuesday, May 13, 2008

11 dpo and negative blood test

So I called the ob's office today and my test was negative. Can someone PLEASE explain to me why when a patient calls the dr's office (specifically ME), the nurse won't give me my numbers? I realize I am not a dr. I realize I did not spend years of schooling. As a patient, I have a RIGHT to know those numbers. So I call, and the nurse said DR. E says it is negative. Ok, how negative was it 0? No it was negative. Is there a number? Dr. E says it is negative. So I get off the phone. Then I called back because I have a right to know the number. I paid for the blood test. Again several times she tells me Dr. E says it is negative. Umm ok. TELL ME THE NUMBER. Finally I get the number, she says it says less than 1. Thank you. How hard was that???

My online TTC buds say don't count myself out yet. It ain't over till af shows. But still I am fairly certain with THAT low of a number, I am out. But, from what I read, HCG is not made till after the egg implants. If I had implantation bleeding till yesterday. It is very possible I implanted at day 1o. I have the worst case of heartburn ever. I checked my cervix. It is pretty high (should be low), but it is firm. I have had exhaustion and nausea. I don't feel the endo coming on (WIERD). I had tugging/pulling/mild cramping since 2 DPO. I really think I am. Everything is saying no right now. So I went to the Dollar store and bought 20 tests. I am going to be testing with HCG tests and then also O tests. That way, I catch it either way. I would like to prove something to the nurse cause that totally irritated me by that conversation. Wouldn't it be nice, uh Ms. Nurse. Could you explain how I have a positive HCG urine test today and negative bw last week?? Oh and I bought 50 each of OPKs and HCGs today too. Gosh I hope that blood test is WRONG.

I also will be discussing with my OB about having a note written into my file that they just need to give me numbers when I request them or else! Anyway, next O date is 5/30. Uggh. I hate this. It's hard enough to get my dh on board with this and it is getting tiring doing this every month!!!

I did check out some dr infertility sites. Blood tests are not accurate for positive till 8-12 dpo. It is not accurate till the egg implants. Implantation is 6-12 DPO, so it really could still be too early. So I really could be until AF shows. Look at what happened last month! I would not be this way if that had not have happened. I shouldn't have had that stupid blood test.

Please say prayers for my sil. She was admitted to the hospital in congestive heart failure. They are transferring her to a different hospital. I am sure she is terrified. We are going up to see her tonight. She is only 38...

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