Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Thank you to all of our soldiers and vets out there. Dh is a vet too! This weekend has been busy! Today I am 4dpo. I am not feeling a thing.... Hmmm. Too early. I am wide awake and have been since 5am. That is unusual for me. I want to go weedeat the yard really quick, but my neighbors may kill me if I do. We went to the local themepark yesterday to get our season passes. An hour long wait. Can you believe that?? Well we intend to make great use out of them! It also has a waterpark attached to it. Kirsten talked me into spending a couple of hours there. So I rented a wagon for Sara and off we went to ride rides. Kirsten wanted to ride all of the roller coasters and be flung upside down. Ummm thanks, but no thanks. I prefer to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

So Sara and I sat on a bench and watched her. Sara was thrilled with rollercoasters and made her desires known that she wanted to go on them too. So we let her get on the little kids rides which she loved! When Kirsten was on the rollercoasters, Sara would scream, I save you Kirsten!!! She was afraid Kirsten would fall. Awww, sisterly love!

Yesterday was a big day on the loss board I visit. 4 BFPs. Gee I hope they don't take all the quota! I am excited for them. I just hope I get to join that little club soon! It makes me sad that I am not there yet. I can't believe it's been three months and I am not pregnant yet. Well I was but miscarried AGAIN because it was too soon. I know we will get there, but I want it now and shouldn't have to wait. Unfortunately, God has other plans for me.

One thought crossed my mind that the summers are always swamped with babies (teachers planning summer babies). Maybe God wanted to take a little time so that in the dead of February, my ob would have all the time in the world to manage a complicated case like mine. In addition, not to mention I won't have to deal with a brand new intern first day on the job in July. So ok, let's get on with it...

When I went to the store a couple of weeks ago, they were out of O tests?? Can you beleive that? Does that mean that there are a lot of women ttc right now in town??? I mean not one store. EVERY store is either out of pregnancy tests or O tests. What the heck is up with that??? I had to hit a Rite Aid pharmacy cause the grocery store was out, Walmart was out, and Kmart was out... Makes you wonder. If I get a positive this month, I'll be asking my ob if there was a rush on new pregnancies this month. He'll get a kick out of that...

One wierd symptom for me - nosebleeds. Guess what happened this morning.... Yep had a nosebleed. I am putting it to the dryness of the summer air. Ok, I know I am telling myself that.

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