Thursday, May 8, 2008


6dpo. Why does it seem the two week wait is an eternity??? I have decided to go and buy some first response tests tonight. I seem to trust those more. I kept the positive ones from last month to use as comparison. Wow that's pretty obsessive. I really think I am this month. I feel the exact same way as I did with Peyton. I am tired, cranky, bloated, feel like af is coming any minute, heartburn (this morning from OJ and a poptart), crampy since 2dpo, low backache, tons of CM, and a tad miniscule amount of spotting yesterday afternoon and this morning. All very very good signs. I am going to start testing on Sunday. Get my blood draw done on Monday afternoon. I pray that I get a positive Monday morning at 10DPO before the blood draw. Then I could just sit back already knowing the results, lol. If Iam, while I have the nurse on the phone, I am going to ask for a blood test for progesterone too just to ease my mind. Which means, I'll get poked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Lucky me. I don't mind though. It will all be worth it in the end.

We are slowly winning bedtime wars with Sara..... She is a stubborn little one.

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