Thursday, July 3, 2008

7 weeks 6 days

I am STILL pregnant. Hooray for me and my little grain of rice. I had another US today at the hospital and had the same tech I had in the ER. I think she worked it that way. :) Baby had a heartbeat of 141 bpm! Baby had grown so much in 10 days!!! She gave us pics and wrote baby on one and hi mom and dad on the other. It's so cool.

Prometrium. You have no idea what I went through to fill this rx. First one I filled at the pharmacy, my insurance only covers 21 a month!! WTH. I need 30! So had my ob change the rx to 21 per fill. Well I can't fill it till the 23rd day after each fill shorting me at least 2 a month. Took it to walmart and found this out. They are sooooo incredibly slow there. I wanted to pop the pharmacist, they acted like it had crack or something in it. Hello it is a female hormone. Anyway, he said it needed preapproval. Told him I had filled the first one with no problem except only 21. Can't fill it till the 12th. Was going to go back and get preapproval. Then I realized, ob doesn't work Wednesdays, holiday week, and I wouldn't get it in time. Had to pick Kirsten up from camp in literally 10 minutes, pharmacist swear was slow as mollasses, so I asked for the rx back and told him I would talk with my ob.

Thought about it overnight. Decided to pay full price for 1st fill (covers shortfalls) and then run through my insurance on the 12th. Pharmacist agreed but only wanted to fill FOUR. Are you kidding me? He said he called the other pharmacy and knew I would not be able to get the rx filled anywhere else with insurance. Actually I took the rx back trying to decide what to do and checked prices online. Walmart was cheapest for out of pocket fill. Told him NO. You will fill the entire rx as prescribed by my DOCTOR. I will pay full price. That way the shortfalls are covered. Oh that sounds like a good idea, but 4 would be cheaper. This is something that irritates the HELL out of me. Since when do people think they can tell me how to spend MY money. I worked for it. I earned it. It is MINE to spend. Why do they NOT do this to my dh. Did I mention I make way more than my dh? I work more hours than dh? Pharmacist reluctantly filled for the full rx. So is there crack or some narcotic in my hormone medication that is being used to make sure my baby makes it and no one has told us? I mean come on. It is progesterone. I think I am going to mention this to my ob. I don't know why the pharmacist was playing Sherlock, maybe that's why he is so slow. He backed off when I told him I was using it to prevent a miscarriage.

Other than that, we have picnic plans for the 4th and 5th of July. My vacation is going by way too fast. New boss starts Monday.

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Mother Jones RN said...

That's crazy, but it's typical of what's going on in our health care system.