Friday, July 11, 2008

9 weeks today!

Already 9 weeks. Let me tell ya, pregnancy is MUCH better when you are not nauseated or puking every 5 minutes. This is the first time I have ever not been nauseated or puking in pregnancy and it is WIERD. My ob keeps assuring me everything is ok. At least you can have that reassurance when you are barfing. Time seems to be going very quickly.

I noticed today that I am starting to get anxious and I am just going to have to break down and talk with my ob about it on Thursday. I have thought often of buying a doppler for reassurance. I'll be getting a lot of scans and my ob has said I can come in at anytime. I am trying to work through the anxiety. However, stuff that I would do for it, I can't do now because I am on rest as much as possible.....

Dh is gone for the next 6 weeks, so the girls will keep me busy. Kirsten has been a HUGE help with Sara.

Worked has totally sucked. They hired someone as the new chief with NO experience. Passed over a guy with over 20 years of experience. Then they are trying to push out the current chief. I swear the top management in this place are such jerks. An Ex. My boss is not retiring till January. They brought new guy in and already have labeled him as chief and told him to assume all responsibilities. Excuse me, he was brought in to TRAIN for 6 months. So because of this, all of the experienced people are leaving. The assistant chief is leaving 8/3. That leaves ME as the only experienced person in this office. Everyone else is new and needs training. They do have two promotions that are open. I doubt very seriously I will get one of them with all of the crap they have put our office through.

Because of all of the crap, I have been checking my leave. I can go out on full paid leave 11/21 and not return till the middle of May. Pretty much I am holding that as my card. Tick me off and out I go.

The insurance settlement is almost done from the car accident. My lawyer has been negotiating it. The first offer came in WAY WAY more than we ever expected. My lawyer when this started said how much he thought the case was worth. He said they would start low. This would be the high. Well they are already at where he said the case is worth. Which means they see that there is serious injury there. My lawyer countered and they came up 10k. Now we are waiting on final reports from my orthopedist and chiropractor about the outlook of things. Basically, it is what it is. I am 19 months post op. I go in and get a shot every 4 months into my knee to relieve the inflammation and swelling. I will probably be doing this the rest of my life. As far as my shoulder and neck injury, I'll be seeing a chiropractor once a month for the rest of my life too. I still have significant weakness on the right hand side. So, we'll see. The guy had a crappy insurance policy that they only give to people who can't get insurance. At least, it will be enough.

Based on the last offer, which my lawyer said will not be taken off the table and is the minimum I'll get, there is enough to pay off all of our bills except house, cars, utilities, insurance, and daycare. That will be fabulous. A fresh start. There is enough there to fix up the house with some minor repairs. There is enough there to take a FABULOUS vacation to Disney World next year. I have promised the girls I would take them next year. There is a cushion for me taking off work if needed for the new baby. After this part is taken care of, then we have to take care of the remaining medical. Which isn't much. Maybe a $1000. Basically, no fault says they won't pay. However, every few months they send me an explanation of benefits form where they did indeed pay.

The thing I am really happy about with this is that everything is paid except cars and house. That will be a nice feeling to have.

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