Sunday, June 29, 2008

7 weeks 1 day

I can't believe it's been a month almost since my BFP. It's been a whirlwind of bloodwork, USs, and dr appts. Still having some kidney stone pain. Still spilling trace blood and 1+ leukocytes. I am supposed to finish the antibiotic on Wednesday morning. I think if I am still showing blood and leukocytes in my urine that I'll be calling the Urologist on Monday and see if he wants me to go ahead and fill the next rx. That antibiotic is hard on my system. Gives me fluorescent yellow pee, makes me nauseated, and disrupts my digestive system. I also want to know what my urine cultured out.

I got a copy of my Er visit from my pcp. Everything was completely normal except the pink discharge noted by the ER dr on my exam. They ran every blood test known to man practically. I love reading the radiologist's report. VIABLE single intrauterine pregnancy measuring 6 weeks 1day with a heartbeat of 117 bpm. Beautiful words.

Dh is worried about going away to camp now. He wants to stay here because I am on the rest and no lifting restrictions. He says that Kirsten is just going to have to learn to help.We both feel she gets off too easy anyway. It's time she help with some of the chores in the house. So we decided to get some laundry bags so she can drag them up and down the stairs. Seeing dh will be gone (He uses so many freaking towels), it will just be me and the girls. My mil is a laundry freak and is ALWAYS wanting to wash our girls' clothes. Don't ask me why. She just is a laundry freak. So dh said LET HER. She'll be taking them to daycare and camp in the mornings. So she can do a week's worth of clothes for them. Dh is going to get his dad to mow the lawn for us while he is gone since I can't do that either. I always knew I would be on bedrest at the end, but never imagined I would be in the beginning.

Sara's birthday and party were yesterday. Oh she LOVED it. She woke up all excited and stuff. She kept saying my presents and wanting to open them. She loved her cake and all her gifts. She got some beautiful clothes. She got some great gifts. She loves loves the Rose Petal Cottage she got. DH is still putting it together. He'll finish it today. I on the other hand did way too much. Started to have some tiny bit of pink spotting which was my sign to SLOW DOWN. So I tried to get my feet up. Which was made virtually impossible by mil and sil. Mil anytime ANYTHING needed to be done said oh S will do it. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. They don't know I am preggers yet. Dh and I are unsure of when to tell. It's not like we can say wait till 12 weeks because we did that before and still lost the baby after 2 USs that showed a heartbeat. I told him we should just announce to his side of the family at the 4th of July party. That way I can get some help around the house while he is gone. He is still pondering it. Dh is really taking the advice Dr. E, Dr. L, and Dr. G gave to heart with taking it easy. Oh and my bp this morning was 106/71!! Too bad it's not like that during the workweek.

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