Sunday, July 13, 2008


Migraines. I feel bad for people who get these all the time. Before Sara, I used to get them once in a blue moon. Excedrin Migraine and rest, took care of it. After Sara was born, I started getting them. In fact, I had one while still in the hospital with her. They paged my ob. He prescribed Tylenol 3, which made me puke. When I was BAWLING from it, the midwife for the practice happened to be on the floor and changed it to fiorinal. Sweet relief. My ob gave me a rx for it before leaving the hospital and my pcp continued.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a freaking migraine. Tylenol did NOT work. It was bad, but livable. Spent most of the day and night on the couch. I did manage a few hours in a deck chair in the shade at my inlaws pool for a couple of hours. Of course dh is out of town for the next few weeks (he feels awful by the way). Sick as a dog last night from it. Up all night from it last night and this morning.

Sick today but much worse today. Then added on top of it, that pesky kidney stone decided that now would be a fun time to give me a problem. So I took a lortab. It got rid of the migraine for the most part. It lasted about 4 hours. It came back even worse. So bad I was bawling and threw up from it. So took another one. Again, lasted 4 hours. Guess I'll be putting in a call to the ob tomorrow. If it doesn't get better tonight, headed to the ER. This SUCKS.

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