Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All the prayers were heard...

Yes, all those people and friends praying for a sticky baby, our prayers were heard. 1st beta at 11-12dpo - 35. 2nd beta at 13-14 dpo - 65 and 3rd beta at 17-18 dpo - 284!!!!!!!!! More than quadrupled in 4 days!! Doubling time of 45 hours. Nurse said it was excellent!!! My ob was gone that afternoon and is out tomorrow (lucky guy). However, she will leave a note for another progesterone and quant and I will probably do it on Friday. Keep appt for Thursday of next week. I feel like I get to join a special club or something!!!

This nurse is the one that knows my history and has been working with me. I told her that I had talked to Dr. E on Friday about the low progesterone. She said through the office and I said no. She said I should have called the office. I said S I did! The nurse that I talked with cut me off and told me she was not going to argue progesterone supplementation with my ob even though I had a KNOWN low progesterone problem. S said WHAT? I said yeah. So I got very upset knowing that a pregnancy can not be maintained witha 6.8. That level you will miscarry. So I called Dr. L and of course she did the I am not stepping on toes. She told me to have Dr. E paged because they were worried that I was so upset that I would cause another miscarriage. I told S that I paged him and he immediately agreed and even had to find a pharmacy to make it for me to start Friday night. She said but we call that in all the time. I said this nurse refused to do anything about it. She asked me who it was. I said I thought it was ... She said they didn't have a nurse by that name. Was it??? I said it could be. However, I was in tears all day on Friday because I KNOW progesterone would help me. She said if that happened again to talk with her.

She said it looks like for now that baby is sticking! I am so freaking excited. Finally out of that darkness and awful club!

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