Thursday, June 26, 2008

6 weeks 6 days

Well still no lifting, rest as much as possible, and pelvic rest. Pelvic rest is not a problem though as dh is getting ready to leave for 6 weeks to take the ROTC cadets to camp. All my labs looked great from last week. I am scheduled to go back on the 17th for that first exam appt. He agrees with the ER dr that the spotting was being caused by the progesterone irritating the cervix. I thought he was only keeping me on it till 10-12 weeks. However, he told me today that I would be on it till at least 14-16 weeks. WHOO HOO. This is from the man that said 50% of ob docs thought progesterone was garbage. Thought I would have to argue with him. Well he didn't say he thought it was garbage but he didn't agree with the theory. Maybe another patient will get it easier now.

As far as the stone, drink tons and tons of water to get it flushed out. The stone is on the border at 4mm. He said if the Urologist wants to go in and get it, it won't be till the second trimester. I asked him if I had to have the surgery, how will the baby be monitored? He said that a couple of L&D nurses would be doing doppler tones before surgery, during surgery, and then after surgery. He said the chance of mc was small in the second trimester with surgery. The best thing was to get that stone out by fluid intake. He rewrote my progesterone rx for 21 at a time because my insurance is stupid and won't fill 30 at a time. So it fills 21, then 9, then 21, then 9. I showed him the slip they give you when you pay and it showed 6.3 refills. He said stupid insurance companies, they are a pain. So he rewrote it for 21 and 4 refills. He said he would reevaluate when those were done. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind staying on it the whole pregnancy lol.

My bp was high in the office. It was 138/90. My readings at home are great. He said he could tell the difference of me working from home and me running into his office from work. Maybe he'll increase that?? He was glad I had already seen the urologist and that I was on antibiotics for the uti. Seeing that they think the severe kidney infection caused my MC, it was imperative to get me on it quick. Oh and he gave me permission to curl up and take some naps. He even offered the exam table with a nice fluffy pillow.

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