Monday, June 16, 2008

HCG update....

11-12 dpo - 35
13 -14 dpo - 65 86% increase 48 hours
17-18 dpo - 284 109% increase 48 hours

22-23 dpo - 3409!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! A 170% increase!

Can you say happy dance! I think we may have a sticky baby here. Crossing all my crossables. I am now above average for hcg. At this level, we should be able to see a baby in there. I was worried because I am not puking and have always been sick as a dog with nausea and puking. OMG I can't believe it!! I was hoping for 1100 and praying for 1800 as a doubling increase. My progesterone is not back yet. However, the nurse said it should be ok seeing I am on supplementation. Thank God I demanded to have that tested and got put on it. It's still hard to believe we actually be bringing a baby home this time.

My first ob appt is on Thursday. Aside from bad cases of heartburn, dizziness and lightheadedness, and exhaustion, I am doing ok. I am doing the thank God for no puking and nausea. Everyone says this one is going to be a BOY. ha ha ha. Others are saying twins, umm please, we are happy with one.

Can't believe my prayers were answered. I have been constantly praying and worrying...

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Amy said...

I'm so happy for you...and so jealous of the no puking! I'm almost 14 weeks and still puking every time I eat!