Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am definitely pregnant

However, it is making me insane with worry. I keep peeing on sticks to see if they are getting darker. My first beta at 12 (maybe even 11) dpo was 35. Second beta was 65 done exactly 48 hours later. I would have liked to have seen 70+, however, 65 is completely acceptable. My progesterone though SUCKED at 6.8. This is not high enough to sustain a pregnancy and of course I was in tears. It should have been at least 10. I told the nurse ( a new one that I have never dealt with before) that she must talk to my ob and get me on progesterone supplements. She said she would. She called me back and said no supplementing my ob didn't believe in it. I said but that is so low. It can't sustain it. She said she was not going to argue progesterone supplementation with my ob.... This DEVESTATED ME. I was going to see if I could talk with my ob when I picked up my lab slip but his office was closed. So then I tried calling my pcp's office. Left 5 messages. Was near hysterical. Was bawling my eyes out. Nurse finally calls me back and says tell me everything I don't understand. I explain to her that progesterone is vital to pregnancy. That a level as low as mine is destined to miscarry. She says doc will not order it for me because she didn't want to step on my ob's toes. Of course this made me hysterical. She said talk me through it. What did the nurse for him say. I told her. She said A) it sounds like she didn't press it with him. B) She didn't make it seem important. She said this is what you are going to do because you are so upset right now. She said you are going to have him paged. You are going to explain how upset this has made you and demand that supplement. In the meantime, I am going to talk with pcp. So I did that. He didn't sound to thrilled that I paged him for it, but as the nurse said, the only thing I had to lose was my baby. I told him he may not believe in it, but I do and I wanted to be on it. I had to be on it THAT night. He readily agreed. 50% of ob docs say it is garbage (guess which one he is in) however, if I wanted it he would order it. I have seen too many stories from women with recurrent mc that it works. It won't work for a baby that is not viable. Meaning chromosomal issue. BUT, it does work for a baby that can make it and needs a bit of help to get to the second trimester. I told him this was the only chance my baby had and I needed to be on it. I couldn't lose ANOTHER baby again. This was something that could be corrected. He spent half an hour researching the dose and trying to find a pharmacy to make it. He ordered a compounded prometrium suppository.

So I run to the pharmacy which is closing soon. They make it for me. Insurance doesn't cover it. GREAT. I'll pay for it. $55. The pharmacist told me to use these for now (which was a low dose at 25mg) and then when I have my appt on the 19th (if I havn't lost the baby by then) and have him change it to prometrium oral capsules. I can take those orally or vaginally. So I decided to take 2 suppositories a day. Double the dose. I plan to switch to the oral pill which is covered by my insurance company when I see my ob. He'll write a new rx when I see him. I didn't want to bug him again.

PLEASE PRAY THAT THIS BABY MAKES IT. I am so so worried. It's note easy for dh. Kirsten we both were ready. He was more pushy though. Sara he pushed me into. I am the one pushing here for our last baby. He is leaving for a business trip for 6-7 weeks this summer. Which means end of August/September before we try again. If lose this one too, I am requesting a referral to an RE.

So far I think I may be having some symptoms but they could be from the prometrium. I have been so nauseated today and tired. My boobs have hurt pretty bad today but are not big. I keep peeing on sticks. They appear to get darker. The ones this morning were really dark, but my urine was really concentrated. I think I am going to stop doing that. It only increases my anxiety now. I have had positive tests for a week now. I know it can go either way, but at least I know I did everything I could. I have pretty much been on the couch all day. I think I would have felt much better with my progesterone higher. However, we caught it early at less than 4 weeks. My level was taken at 12 (maybe 11 dpo). So I am hoping that since we caught it so early that maybe these suppositories will help. Whoever knew I would be willing to shove those things up there twice a day to have a baby. Hopefully, I can go off of them around 14-16 weeks. Again, if I get that far. Ohhh I feel a bit of heartburn. Bring on the pukies.

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