Sunday, June 22, 2008

29300 HCG and a Heartbeat of 117

PERFECT. Last night and today I had some spotting. A little tiny tiny bit of red streaked mucous and pink, then brown. If you have ever had a MC, any tiny dot of spotting freaks you out. I tried resting last night. Till I started cramping a bit this morning. Add on to it a possible kidney stone. My right side of my back felt like it was on fire and HURT. So I called my ob. I don't know what that man was doing at 8am, however, there was a TON of loud clanking going on in the background. He told me pelvic rest immediately and go on to the ER. Was he really going to tell me no? The ER staff was really really good. Except the part where the dr said most of her kidney stone patients are usually writhing in pain. She offered lortab for that which I declined. Anyway, take 5 tubes of blood, hook up iv, get me in for us. US took FOREVER. I think they scanned my entire back and belly. The heartbeat part was LAST. No stone in my kidney but my right ureter is mildly dialated. Since I am preggo, I couldn't get a cat scan to see it better.

The baby US was hard. It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. The tech's face was unreadable. She finally turned the monitor, there's the heartbeat. There is the baby. There is only one. Baby measured dead on for dates. From what I researched, heartbeat at 6 weeks is 90-115. My baby's was 117. YEAHHHHHH!

So all in all good news. I just couldn't stand not knowing. Diagnosis, possible kidney stone in right kidney and threatened mc. They thoroughly explained the threatened mc part, which I already knew from Sara. I was discharged with seeing my ob this week for follow up and getting a referral to a urologist. The nurse didn't explain that, just the seeing my ob. I stopped at the desk and asked about who is this dr. The dr I had said it was the urologist that had followed my case???? Um ok. Oh and the US tech gave me 2 pics of the lovebug. It may look like a grain of rice, but it is MY grain of rice.

So just take it easy. Pelvic rest, umm yeah like THAT is going to happen before the 1st trimester is over with. Follow up with these docs. A load off of my mine. Bp was beautiful. 129/80 when I got there. Then after the US and before I left 123/67.

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