Saturday, June 21, 2008

We are having a Valentine's Day baby!!!!!

I was so worried about being due 2/13/09 (Friday the 13th). Nope, my ob said 2/14/09. YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Course I will probably never make it that far. So here is my ob visit:
It went well. He said umm no lmp? I said nope. He said that's ok. So he did his little wheelie thing. I'm having a VALENTINE'S DAY BABY!!!! EDD is 2/14!!!!!! At first he said 2/28, but then I said umm did you forget the 2 weeks before O??? He said OH YEAH. So then he did it based on a conception date on 5/23 to be on the safe side (cause opks are good for 24-48 hours). So I am 5 weeks 6 days today. He changed me to the prometrium oral to be done vaginally. No problem and gave me 6 refills. 200mg capsules. My progesterone went from 6.8 to 15.2!!!! YEAH FOR ME. So I said to him, um you think the progesterone is working?? He said it looks like it in theory. LOL, he isn't giving up on that! He said we will do another test at my next appt to check my levels.

So I am really excited!US - he wanted it done at 9-10 weeks. I want it done at 8. So he said I could do it then. 1) so dh can be there (he leaves for 6 weeks on the 8th! 2) because I'll get the hospital one at 8 weeks, my appt with him is on the 17th at 10 weeks and he'll do one in the office, one with the peri at 12 weeks, another with him at 14 weeks, and another with my peri at 17-18 weeks and then the big one at 20 weeks - so basically every 2 weeks. Then I will get another one at 24 weeks and every 2 weeks after that for growth. So it is scheduled 7/3. I have to call and schedule the one with the peri at 12 weeks. He gave me a one day a week work at home. My bp SUCKED today - 130/100. He was not happy with the bottom number but let me fly by because it was 130/84 at my pcp's 2 weeks ago. I have to check it twice a day and log the numbers. I am to call him if it goes over 100/105 consistently. He was hoping it was my anxiety today.

Told him the best pregnancy tests to recommend. Told him FRER and Clear blue Easy digital. Um, I think he is on to my little addiction, lmao. Was very worried about the lack of nausea and he said it was normal. However, if I wanted to be nauseated he could prescribe something. Ummm, no thanks. He reassured me that it wasn't a sign of impending doom. He said he was really surprised at how high my hcg levels jumped. He said they were EXCELLENT. He said I saw they were like 3800, then looked and said nope 3409, but that was really really good. He prescribed an epi pen (Cause I am severely allergic to bees). I was going to have my pcp do it, but he wrote it out for me. He said it would not be good to get stung. He said anaphalatic shock and pregnancy DO NOT MIX. He prescribed the prometrium, work at home note, folic acid, prenatal vitamin (they smell like vanilla, yum). I came out with a stack of rxs. So I have an US on 7/3. OB appt on 7/17. I need to schedule my peri appt at 12 weeks. Good appt. Oh and I almost passed out giving blood. But a little juice revived me. Please pray that this one keeps sticking.

So I have been taking my bp. After work it was 124/90.... At 10 pm, 117/76!!!! This morning 112/87. Seems like the really high bp was from anxiety from being in my ob's office and I am really glad that he instantly recognized it.

Still not really feeling much. Just some odds pains here and there. Pretty tired. Heartburn. NO NAUSEA or PUKING. My belly is growing though. This is so wierd. Oh and I pee quite a bit.


Jennifer said...

I recently had a miscarriage on April 8,2008 at5 just 4 weeks and 2 days.There's a chance I could be pregnant again...I'm 9 dpo.Reading your blogs really give me hope!Congrats on the pregnancy!!!

PE Mommy said...

Jennifer, I am sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is a horrible thing to go through. I hope you get your BFP very very soon.