Thursday, October 30, 2008


Hooray I was right. I totally slamdunked that 3hr GTT test. They should have just let me do the 1hr. All that torture for NOTHING. I even drank dr pepper the day before (caffiene for the headache) and eggnog that night (don't knock it and it was what I was craving). I gained 7lbs in 2 weeks!!!! WTH! No it is not from the eggnog. I didn't start that till a couple of days ago and I had already gained 5 by the time of my pcp appt. My ob said not to worry, now is the time for rapid growth. Easy for him to say. He isn't weighing an extra 7 lbs. I am measuring ok. He said don't worry about that. The baby's position affects a lot of that. (No ONE realizes I am pregnant. I mean I know I am overweight, but not one person realizes it. :() Even a friend of mine that I had not seen in 2 months said nope. Told him I had been worrying for 2 weeks about that. He said I measure right on at 25 weeks. Doesn't the flab get in the way of that? I mean if you are overweight, wouldn't you have a few extra centimeters? He said that this baby is very high up. He said that if they stand alot, it makes you a lot smaller. Ok I go for the standing up. Because this baby likes to jam her head into my ribs (trust me, you don't mistake that for feet) and her feet kick my cervix and bladder. I have an US in 3 weeks. So one of the first things I plan on asking. That and how much does she weigh?

He was pleased that my bp came down. He said that there were a couple of 90s but he was not too worried about it. I guess because it is not consistent. Told him my pcp freaked out on Monday because my bp was 148/92. She said he might add in another med. He said probably aldomet. I said well she said probably procardia. He said yep he could do that too. Aldomet doesn't do jack for me. I guess the procardia would be good for the BH. So as far as bp, keep doing what I am doing because it is working for me. He said continue working at home fulltime. I told him I had been hanging out on the couch. It goes up when I go grocery shopping, etc. So keep doing what I have been doing. Means me and my couch get to be friends.

See ya in 2 weeks. So I have been on biweekly appts since 20 weeks 6 days. Wondering when weekly ones will start. I am guessing 28-30 weeks.

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