Friday, October 10, 2008

More troubles.....

So last night I was doing ok. Had some BH when I went and took Kirsten to cheer comp. Then I had this AWFUL pain on the left side. It went from my back around my side and to the front and it came in WAVES. I remember thinking hmmm this reminds me of my kidney stone. However, that is on the RIGHT side. It was so bad I could barely even move for an hour and a half. What threw me off was that I had BH too!!! WTH. It finally eased up at 1030 but was still bad. Tried Tylenol, heating pad, laying down. Dh wanted to call an ambulance. I told him NO FREAKING WAY. At 1030, spoke with a friend of mine who is a nurse. She gave me my kick in the butt to reality. She said they knew what they were getting into with medicine. It was time for me to call. I hated doing it, but I did. It was like 1115pm by this point. My poor ob must have been asleep or something. Cause after going over everything, he asked what time was it. I immediately apologized and said I am so sorry it is very late it is 1115. He said no no no no, no it is ok. I just wanted to know how long this had been going on. So finally I said I am going to the Er. He said if it was nothing they would send me home. Of course, when I got there, the only time in a rural hospital, I would show up when 3 ambulances had just rolled in. So into the waiting room I waited till they got those people settled.

Get called back and my bp was 134/94. Pulse was 114. YIKES. The dr made it in before the nurse. As soon as they heard I had a history of kidney stones, in went a liter of fluids FAST. They offered me pain meds but I declined because I could feel the baby kicking. It just bothered me taking it when I could feel her, kwim. Then they came back in and said I was getting a renal US. That was it. I caved and they gave me Nubain. Which helped with the pain, but made me very sick to my stomach. So they did the US. Came back and said my US has not changed since June. They were not sure why it started on the left or what was going on. Everything was ok with me and baby. Released me on tylenol 3 which I did not fill, makes me puke plus not enough pain for that now. No protein in urine. They took my bp again, 147/94!!!!! TOO HIGH. Came home called my boss and called out. She said with her stones, sometimes the pain would be on the opposite side. YIKES. Off to bed I went. I did not getup till 2 today. Checked bp and it was 140/101. Even more yikes. Stayed on couch till I went to get Kirsten and Sara. Checked this evening 139/101. DOUBLE YIKES. Means that my bp is now higher. I didn't call my ob yet because for now all that can be done is to stay on my left side and rest. Pharmacy is not open yet.

I have to take Sara to dance tomorrow morning and fu with my pcp from the ER. Then Netflix, the couch, and I have a date. If it is still high, I guess I will be calling. THIS TOTALLY SUCKS. Twice in one freaking weekend.

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