Saturday, October 25, 2008

24 Weeks and Viable

Finally, Viability. It feels like a huge milestone has been hit. So I have been on WAH for a week now. It is really really nice. I am able to work around my appts (which are going to be picking up big time in a few more weeks) when I need to. I am able to take an hour for lunch and rest and extend my work time out. I sleep at least an hour later every day since I am not commuting. I havn't filled my gas tank in a week and I am at 3/4 of a tank! My bps have done exactly what my ob hoped and have come down. They are still running higher than before, but more in the 120-130s/80s range. The BH I still have, but not as bad or as often as before. It seems like if I hang out on the couch and at home and take it easy, everything is behaving. I have lost my rings. My hands keep swelling and my dh said take them off before they have to be cutoff. So off they came. The first few days I felt naked without them. I kind of miss them.

Took Kirsten to HSM 3 last night. To be 9 again, lol. I am sure I would have loved this movie if I was 9. It just didn't do it for me, lol. While we were waiting in line, sure enough BH started up and didn't stop till halfway through the movie. Then I have had a headache off and on for the last few days. Today it was REALLY bad. I was like is this a migraine, is it a pe headache, what's going on. Then I realized the baby hadn't moved all day and started freaking. So took a fiorinal to knock out the headache after I checked my bp. No protein and bp was ok. This was a migraine. Drank a glass of OJ. Got the doppler out. Found her heartbeat right away and it was 142-145. Then tonight she decided to make her presence known for quite a while. So all was well. Hopefully just a sleepy baby today. She totally freaks me out at times because she is not nearly as active as Kirsten and Sara. I will definitely have to do kick counts with this baby.

Just let everyone know I am ok. Just hanging out and keeping quiet. I know don't laugh! Turned in my note for full time WAH. My poor new boss didn't know how to take it. He said well I guess I don't have a choice do I? I said well either leave or WAH but we are NOT loosing another baby again. So he allowed me to do WAH. He did ask me when I would be back? I said May. LOL. The hardest thing about that is eliminating distractions and getting into a schedule. I seem to be adjusting well. One of the 12's that was coming in decided not to come in. The third person on the list is not qualified! New boss said he is going to readvertise. Guess who is without a doubt eligible now? ME. I got my step increase as of last week. So I am definitely qualified. The best part is they can't eliminate me because of being pregnant. Works for me. So I am going to apply for it and see what happens.

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