Saturday, November 8, 2008

For Scumsucking Drug Seekers

Let me tell you how much I hate you. You make it very difficult for someone that has a really painful condition to get pain relief in the ER when you go in with your fake symptoms. So what set me off this time. As everyone knows I am very high risk for preeclampsia. Actually, at this point I am diagnosed with PIH.

Yesterday, I started having terrible pain under my right rib. Seeing I have had pe before, I called my ob at 10pm. He thought it might be my gallbladder, but it wasn't tied to eating. In fact, I had barely anything to eat yesterday because I felt like crap. I was worried about my liver. However, my bp while up was not crazy high. My urine dip was negative last night and trace protein today. He told me to take some tylenol, pepcid, and use a heating pad and get some sleep. See if that would help. Call back if it is worse. This afternoon, after I couldn't take it anymore and after dh told me to call or he will, I called. My ob said I needed to get checked out in the ER and have some labs run and an US done.

My pain was an easy 8 out of 10. Worse than when I had a kidney stone. Worse than having a baby. They asked me if I wanted pain relief. HELL YES. They offered tylenol and zofran. Except one thing. I had tylenol at 12 therefore could not have more tylenol. I remember thinking in that haze of pain today, they can't be seriously offering me tylenol. The dr pressed under my rib. I had tears because it hurt so bad. When I went to have the US. OMG, that was excruciating. It was so bad that I was crying during it and the tech kept saying how sorry she was. I did NOT cry when I had a kidney stone. I did NOT cry when I had a kidney infection. I have NOT cried when in labor with EITHER of my girls. Now, Kirsten, I had an epidural at the beginning because my bp was so high. With Sara, my epidural did not work. I got it too late because I went too fast. I did not cry with either. I didn't cry when I tore all the cartlige in my knee. This, this hurt.

I have NO idea why I was not given pain relief. I am quite pissed about it. I have an idea that all you scumsucking people that claim to have a migraine or whatever just to get drugs makes it difficult for the people who really do have pain.

All I have to say is THANK GOD for the little lock on the cabinet on the wall at the end of my bed. That little lock served as a focal point for the excruciating pain that was going on. I was quite pissed when I left the ER. I was relieved it was not my liver or gallbladder. It was muscular skeletal pain (costochronditis) from the uterus pushing into my ribs. As soon as I got home and I knew it was not my liver or gallbladder, I went searching for the prescription that I did not use with the kidney stone of Tylenol 3 and finally got some relief. Threw up some because codeine does that to me. It was a small price to pay to get relief. While it didn't kill it, it has taken the edge off of it so I could deal with it.

This is the one time that I hope like hell the hospital sends me one of those stupid little press ganey things. I usually try and do a really nice job on it for doctors and nurses because I know there are people that are asses and drug seekers out there. This time, I fully intend to let the administration know exactly what happened. While I didn't say anything to the nurse or doctor or make demands. I never rang the call bell or anything. I think they got the point I was quite pissed when I left because of the here is tylenol that I had ALREADY freaking taken. Which meant that I didn't get tylenol because you can't take a double dose of it. I am just so pissed. I still don't understand WHY the nurse thought that I shouldn't have been in pain. It made me wonder if they had ordered something and SHE FORGOT TO GIVE IT TO ME. I did hear the dr say he wasn't sure what I could have being pregnant. I heard the nurse mention the midwife in my ob's office was on duty and that they could call her. Nothing after that. Why in hell would she think after I had an excruciating US where I was BAWLING because the wand was pressed right where it was excruciating pain that I would have been suddenly cured.

All I have to say is please God, don't let me get a blockage from that stupid stone that is stuck in my ueter. I don't want to have to go back for to the ER for that. My drs have advised that if I have severe back pain where the kidney is I have to go get evaluated. Unfortunately, it is not something that can be waited on via US. I have to get in and get a renal US and iv fluids right away. Although, my urologist's office has told me if anything like this happens with the kidney stone, I am to instruct the ER to please call the oncall drs for my urologist so that they can confirm what is going on. Please God, don't let me be back in the ER again. I didn't ask for this to happen and I am so done. If my ob thinks he is going to be pressing on that area when I have my appt next week, he is nuts. Our appt will start out with don't touch this area unless you are prepared to do something about it. Hell, I would have LOVED a nice big shot of toradol. Anti-inflammatory for this type of thing and it rocks. Unfortunately being pregnant, I can't have anti-inflammatories.

Oh and the tech (love her, she did my us when I thought I was miscarrying at 6 weeks and did the US when I had the kidney stone) did a quick check on the baby because the US was so rough. I think she felt bad. Baby is still a girl. HB was 136. She is STILL BREECH. She asked me if I had thought about a csection. I said only if I get as sick as I was with Kirsten. I hadn't thought about it if everything was ok.

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