Saturday, October 11, 2008


So my bp was up all day yesterday! 140/101; 139/101; 137/97. YIKES. This was after being in bed all day because I didn't get home from the ER till 5am. So I decided to stay flat and take it easy this weekend. Me, the couch and Netflix have a date for this weekend. Today, my bp was 127/89; 112/81. So MUCH MUCH better. I am not comfortable with the above readings. I am going to wait and send them in on Monday morning. I am going to call the nurse line and fax the readings and let him see where they are at. At this point, I am not sure what to make of these readings. I am thinking I just need to rest more. That is almost impossible when I work 3 days a week in the city. At least when I work from home, I can keep my feet up. I can't do that in Buffalo. No protein today so that is good. I feel like I am super nerd. I have to test my urine each day. I don't know if I am being proactive or bordering on obsessive. Probably a little of both. I just don't want it to sneak up on me. I start my 24 hr urine test tomorrow. What fun. I get to collect my pee for 24 hours.

Did you know it is possible for a kidney stone to present on the opposite side of where it is? I did a little research into it when my boss said the same thing happened to her. It's pretty rare, but it DOES happen. One study I found had a review of 643 cases. Out of those cases, THREE presented on the other side. I really want to get into my pcp and discuss this. However, I read in the paper today that she was in a major car accident on Thursday. Please pray that she is ok. The paper said she crossed the center line, hit a utility pole, rolled over twice, and came to a rest on top of the wheels 150 ft away from where she struck the pole. It said she had to be cut out of the car. How scary for her. I have been worried about her because she has been so worn out lately. I could tell when we go in that she was exhausted. New baby, did not take time off from work after having baby, working insane hours, and yucky Aldomet. Hopefully, she'll take care of herself now. The paper said she was lifeflighted and treated and released. She is probably mortified she made the paper. It was kind of hard to miss the article as right next to it was a picture of my baby girl. Sara made the paper too. Her daycare had firefighter day and Sara was right in the center of the pic with the firefighter. She has been going around saying stop, drop, and roll. So she got it.

Mil and Fil offered to take the girls overnight. We said GO AHEAD. So no kiddos tonight. Wil take it easy though.

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